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Use this tag to post a userscript that operates on Stack Exchange sites and/or uses the Stack Exchange API. For questions about user scripting and Stack Exchange, or its API, use the [scripts] tag instead. Scripts are usually JavaScript and usually browser extensions/userscripts. For other tools, the [app] tag may be more appropriate.

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Custom Staging Ground Comments

With the release of the Staging Ground on Stack Overflow, I want to share the userscripts I wrote for it during its Beta tests. The Staging Ground offers some built-in comment templates but if you …

Comment Templates Context Menu, an auto-comments user script

If you are tired of typing the same comments into Stack Exchange sites over and over, you can use this add-on to insert any of your frequently written comments with a couple clicks. Installation I…

Revision diff view

When visiting an individual post revision page, this script adds buttons that allow switching to a view showing how the revision differed from the previous one, just like on a full post history pag…

View other OP posts in the Staging Ground

During the beta tests in the Staging Ground, there were some cases where the author wrote a posted a copy of the question that bypassed the Staging Ground process. This user script shows me the que…

StackScraper - export questions as JSON or HTML

Adds download options to Stack Exchange questions.

Fix for sticky hover background in duplicates

Description Problem See bug report here: Duplicate modal - row hover state not cleared The background is "sticky" added on hover then removed on a second hover. Fix This userstyle removes…

WebSocket Defibrilator - try to keep SE websockets (and in-page updates) working

Description Websockets on Stack Exchange provide live updates on a page - for example, showing there are new notifications, or new answers, or new comments, etc. These are unreliable in some cases.…

Flag searcher - search in your flagging history

I don't know any good way to search for your own flags by custom accept/rejection reasons, title, flag text or detailed flag type (e.g. "Not an Answer") hence I wrote a user script for th…

Unstar/unpin for room owners from a transcript

Let Room Owners unstar or unpin a message from the chat transcript

Show a warning message when you follow a link to a deleted answer or comment

Convenient userscript to show a message when a answer or comment is removed when following a link

OpenAI detector

Adds a button to check the probability that a post was written by a bot

PLACEHOLDER - My Stack Overflow Automation

My Stack Overflow Automation Description This application automates the process of saving posts as favorites on Stack Overflow. Features Automatically saves specified Stack Overflow posts as favor…

Logout from all devices by default

Description Inspired from Add option to make "log out of all devices" the default Installation Direct install (GitHub) See the code on GitHub // ==UserScript== // @name Logout…

Faster Answer Links

This is a convenience user script. It prevents page reloading when following links to answers that happen to be present on the same page, and to their comments; instead, it simply scrolls to the l…

Fix for network filter deletions

Description Problem See the report: Can't delete the filter called My Filter. In short, deleting a filter redirects the browser to the page to immediately create a new filter, therefore you can nev…

Fix for the network search pagination

Description Problem See the report Pagination on search is broken The pagination in the global search is broken. It only shows 15 results even when the page size is set to somethi…

Show Deleted Answers at head for Stack Exchange

Description Script practice. To view your own deleted answers/questions on a Stack Exchange account, you always need to scroll all the way down to see the "Deleted answers" tag. I've writ…

Stack Exchange One-Click Reviews

Review items on Stack Exchange by simply clicking on the review action, rather than having to select and choose Submit

Expand Code to Fullscreen on StackExchange Site

Description Script practice. Toggle Fullscreen on Hover: When users hover over a code block, a 'Fullscreen' button appears. Clicking this button will expand the code block to fill the entire scree…

Save the waffles! Bringing back custom 404 pages to Stack Exchange

The userscript brings back custom 404 page images to sites of the Stack Exchange network

Easily apply "bookend" deletion of AI-generated content

Description This is a fork of Samuel Liew's DeletedUsersHelper userscript. It's a script for moderators only. The purpose of this userscript is to simplify bulk-deletion of AI-generated posts as pe…

Question and Answer Icon Annotations in Reputation History

Description This UserScript makes it easier to differentiate post type in the reputation history (/users/:user-id/username?tab=reputation) by adding Q and A icons as visual indicators. Specifically…

Universal dark mode (beta)

[Beta] Universal SE Dark Mode While functional, this is experimental and while some sites work, a bit more work is required for it to support all (or, most of) SE. Install Universal dark mode has l…

"View Vote totals" without 1000 rep

Curious about the number of up- and downvotes? This script enables the View vote counts feature without requiring 1k+ rep. Available as a Chrome extension, user script and bookmarklet.

SymbolHound Search

Uses SymbolHound instead of regular search if query begins with "sh:".

Bring focus to inline tag editor

Description Focus the inline tag edit tool1 when opened. Allows for using keyboard immediately to interact with the tags. Press Escape to cancel the editing or Enter to save. 1Part of the moderator…

SE Toast/FancyOverlay Suppressor

StackExchange provides a variety of notices and toast messages, but sometimes they can get a bit annoying for experienced users. This UserScript adds a Proxy to the two helper functions which cause…

Optionally Anonymised Short Links

Description This is a resurrection of the (now no longer accessible) UserScript Anonymize short links. Specifically, this script implements this proposal by adding a checkbox (toggle switch) to eac…

Flagging Assistant - tweaks for frequent flaggers

Flag summary links, coded history, alert missing answers, and more...

Stack Exchange in read-only mode

This userstyle aims to remove almost all interactivity with the Stack Exchange network for logged in users. Notably it leaves: Chat Following a post Saves Removes most other features that produce…

Sort Best First

Inspired by the Fastest Gun question on the central Meta, this script implements answer sorting based on a modified Wilson score. Installing the script adds a ‘Modified Wilson score’ sort option o…

Roomba Forecaster - When will the question be Roomba'ed? If it won't, why?

Will the question be Roomba'ed? If so, when? If not, why? Adds a status line to questions showing: If and when Romba will delete the question; Why it won't be deleted; If down-voting will Roomba.

LegacyProfiles - Bringing back the old profile stats

Brings back the 'Member since', 'Profile views' and 'Last seen' stats removed in a recent profile change using the Stack Exchange API

Focus question title with keyboard selection

Description When using the keyboard shortcuts to navigate post lists (U - top post; J - next post; K - previous post) this userscript will also set the focus on the hyperlink to the post. This allo…

White keyboard highlighting in dark mode

Description This changes highlighting from using keyboard shortcuts to use white instead of black. Allows actually seeing the highlighting noticeable in high contrast mode. The userstyle only works…

ChatterBox - user script that adds inbox integration to Stack Exchange Chat!

ChatterBox adds an "inbox" button to the chat interface.

Footer Remover Exchange - remove the unnecessary footer!

I usually scroll to the bottom in Stack Overflow looking for interesting questions to answer. Hence, it's pretty annoying to see the footer since it doesn't contain any useful content beside the &q…

Copy Code Exchange - copy code to clipboard from Stack Exchange sites!

This is a userscript to copy code (from any <pre> element) to the clipboard from all Stack Exchange sites. It's pretty nice and cool to be able to copy the code faster, rather than manually s…

User style for mod strike

Tested in Stylus on Firefox. Hides review queue, downvote, VTC, VTD, delete, undelete, and flag buttons/links. /* ==UserStyle== @name ModStrike @namespace…

Stack Exchange code block line numbers userscript

A Userscript to add line numbers to code blocks

Adding the "Share" button for "Other answers" in review queues

This is a basic userscript which adds the Share link under answers in the review queues. It is based on my own request from long ago. It is intended to add the link to the "Other answers"…


Scripts to analyze posts for potential GPT content. Note that this is not for AI training - Simply looking for suspect GPT/AI content.

Redact rep and vote count

Up to 200 characters of excerpt

Revert Stack Exchange's new up/down vote buttons

This userscript, written for ViolentMonkey, reverts the question and answer upvotes on all Stack Exchange sites so that they are almost identical to their previous design. New vote buttons (shown f…

CommentAssist - Making comments just got easier

A tool that makes writing comments easier by introducing the toolbar found in the answers form over to the comments form

OBSOLETE - Stack Apps Listing Wizard - Making it easier to list your application right here on Stack Apps

Listing an application here on Stack Apps can be a lot of work. First you have to visit this question and copy the markdown. Some of those fields don't apply to UserScripts and some don't apply for…

Export to Google Docs™ companion

Add a button to each post for easy export to Google Docs™. Export questions and answers from Stack Exchange in various formats to Google Drive.

Voting Overcharged - A userscript for automatically voting on posts depending on various conditions

A userscript for automatically voting on posts depending on various conditions.

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