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For apps and scripts which add additional functionality to the review queues, or make it available outside web browsers.

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Adding the "Share" button for "Other answers" in review queues

This is a basic userscript which adds the Share link under answers in the review queues. It is based on my own request from long ago. It is intended to add the link to the "Other answers" ...
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Simply makes the review overview stuff bigger

About When Visual design changes to the review queues was introduced, the review overview page seemed to change to having a smaller font size on post number and very small avatars. I think the white ...
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Make "Suggested edits" review tasks wider

About Ever since the Visual design changes to the review queues suggested edits have been too narrow. Especially when containing code blocks. But it doesn't have to be that way anymore. Screenshots ...
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Should we add review queues to the API?

Review queues are unsupported on the Stack Exchange API, and it could be useful to write an app that would review. Should we add it to the API?
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Stack Exchange One-Click Reviews

About The new UI for reviews introduced in early 2021 requires two clicks to submit reviews for an item: once to select the action, and a second time to submit the review. By contrast, the previous UI ...
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OBSOLETE - Add a heading when reviewing a suggested edit

Update: With the recent redesign of the review queues, this script has become obsolete. Screenshot About Unlike other review queues, the suggested edits queue does not have a heading that indicates ...
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Stack Exchange Global Review Summary

Global Review Summary This script adds a 'reviews' tab to your network profile, which will show your review totals across the network. Installation Install the userscript with this direct link or ...
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Enhanced Review Stats for Reviews

SEReviewStats Provides enhanced stats on the Stack Exchange Review pages Close, Reopen, Late Answers, First Posts & Low Quality Posts Features Shows additional information on the Close, Reopen, ...
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Review Assistance 1.0

Review Assistance 1.0 is a script designed to help you review the Close Vote Queue and Reopen Vote Queue in Stack Overflow only. In future, we will look forward to add it's support to all SE sites. ...
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SOCVFinder: providing enjoyable reviewing, live duplicate notifications and cherry-picking on Stack Overflow

SOCVFinder Background This bot was developed to address the following issues: The problem of duplicated questions, that not only confuse search engines but also encourage rep hunts by copying and ...
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Review Stalker Reloaded: A cross-site dashboard for reviews

About Originally based very loosely on the OBSOLETE - Review Stalker user script, this script has been rewritten several times since then. Its purpose is to be a one-stop pinned tab, always checking ...
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Review Tag Repositioner

About: This userscript clones the tags and adds them to the top of the post when working in the review queue. This is in response to a feature-request on Meta Stack Overflow. Installation: ...
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Review Audit Detector

Motivated by the question Would a userscript to determine whether a review is an audit be illegal, I wrote a userscript for this purpose. The algorithm is as follows: If the post score shown in ...
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OBSOLETE - Enhanced Review

Obsolete: Install link is dead as well as the Source code link. This userscript adds voting options to the sidebar of Close Review and Low Quality Review of Stack Exchange sites, as well as Help &...
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Review Queue Desktop Notification Script

This Script will make it so that you are notified on the Desktop whenever new reviews are available, as long as you have a review tab open. How to use Install Tampermonkey (Chrome) or GreaseMonkey (...
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Sane limits for script that auto-loads new reviews for easier manual reviewing

I was looking at Am I allowed to use/create robots to track questions? just now and started wondering whether my current userscript to help with reviewing has quite the right internal rate limits. It ...
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Review dropdown menu

About This userscript/extension replaces the review button with a dropdown that lists all the review queues on the current site and the number of available posts to review. It simply saves the trouble ...
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Confirm Review Approval

Screenshot About This is a simple user script that brings up an extra confirmation dialog when you click "Approve" in the Suggested Edit review queue. It was written in response to this request for ...
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Review Queue Hider

About This user script adds a button to each review queue to allow you to hide it. Useful if you don't want a certain queue popping to the top! Each Stack Exchange site holds its own settings too, so ...
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OBSOLETE - Review Stalker user script

Update: I don't have time to fix it at the moment and have also come to doubt the sustainability of this approach since putting it online, so I tagged it as obsolete. This is a very basic user script ...
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