The new UI for reviews introduced in early 2021 requires two clicks to submit reviews for an item: once to select the action, and a second time to submit the review. By contrast, the previous UI simply required a single click on an action button to submit a review.

Some users prefer the old behavior of simply having one click to submit a review. This script removes the requirement for a second click on the Submit button, and makes it so that clicking on a review action will immediately submit the review, restoring the former behavior of the old queue layout.


  • To discourage robo-reviewing, there is a slight delay baked into the script: if you click on a review action too early, it will simply select the button without submitting the review.


Link to install the user script. You will need to have a user script manager extension installed in your browser, such as Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey.


Tested with Tampermonkey on Microsoft Edge (new Chromium-based version) on Windows. Haven't tested with other browsers or user script managers, but should work with other platforms too.


Source code



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