Inspired by this feature request by Shadow Wizard, I wrote a simple userscript (direct install link) which checks most of the reasons why you can't start a bounty, and displays that information on the same place where you'd normally find the 'start a bounty' link. It checks:

  • if you're on a Meta site (those don't have bounties, except for Meta Stack Exchange)
  • if there's an open bounty
  • if the question is closed, deleted or locked
  • if the question is at least two days old
  • if the user has at least 75 reputation (where you get the bounty privilege)
  • if the user has posted an answer, which raises the bar to at least 100 reputation
  • the last bounty by the user, the new one has to be at least twice that amount
  • if the user has three active bounties already
  • I think it is better as a gist instead of a repo. Mar 11, 2019 at 17:37


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