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Stack Focus v2.2

Focus more on your Stack Overflow experience by removing distractions.

v2.1, Spectric

Dark Mode 4 Chats

A userscript that adds Dark Mode to Stack Exchange Chats, while also allowing you to customize themes and colors!

Sort Best First

Inspired by the Fastest Gun question on the central Meta, this script implements answer sorting based on a modified Wilson score. Installing the script adds a ‘Best’ button on question pages that a…

SymbolHound: Search Stack Overflow for special characters

See SymbolHound is a search engine that doesn't ignore special characters. I was always frustrated that I couldn't search for symbols like >> and && using Google or th…

Hide the Stack Exchange sidebar

I would like to gain some screen estate when viewing Stack Exchange sites. The sidebar seldom shows information I need. I know most help content displayed when composing questions. Most related a…

Why can I not authenticate my application? Application is not allowed to request implicit grants

I created a placeholder. PLACEHOLDER - Disco Application I created an application and added placeholder. I followed…

PLACEHOLDER - TestCafe Tag Manager

An app adds additional common tags like testing, automated-tests for testcafe-tagged questions for better discoverability. The app is not yet ready for prime time and is used for internal purposes …

How do I get the no. of upvotes a person has received for a particular tag?

I need the list of users who have more than 10K reputation and then among those users I need to see which user has how many up-votes for each tag. I don't think there is a direct query that will gi…

Stack OverflowTesting

How can I use Stack Overflow for Teams with Stack Exchange API combined? I have tried creating a stack app and using client ID in Stack Exchange API.

2nd Testing Question

Can I understand how to test feature? I have tried above method.

How to use stack exchange api to create an app similar to stackover flow

Build an app for searching and reading StackOverflow questions The app should provide a search bar. On querying for a term, it should search through all the StackOverflow questions with that query …

PLACEHOLDER - Proliferate App to Post Stackoverflow Questions

This is a post related to my stack app for web app proliferate. My app proliferate is a place for developers to help each other learn and collaborate. I want to give them add convenience by letti…

PLACEHOLDER - Stack Overflow app (still in development)

This is a placeholder post for a Stack Overflow app that is currently in development. I will update this when it is nearing production!

How can I extract user information on Stack Overflow using Python and the Sack Overflow API?

I am new to Python. I want to extract a user bio, answers, questions they made in Stack Overflow. Can I do that using the API? For example, can I extract the user: name bio and number of questions …

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