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A script to freely re-assign/remap/rebind the Stack Exchange hotkeys

the original Stack Exchange announcement from 2014 At least the hyperlink Ctrl + L and code Ctrl + K shortcuts go against the common web standards — in combination with the SE editor not behaving …

(Should we) add [Staff] labels to staff member flairs?

This answer is posted by a staff member, but you have to go to the user's profile to actually see that. Can we add [Staff] labels to staff member flairs like on all meta sites? [♦ Mod] labels aren'…

Stack Overflow Extras (SOX)

SOX v2.8.0 Stack Overflow Extras (SOX) is a project that stemmed from the Stack Overflow Optional Features (SOOF) project. The SOX userscript adds a bunch of optional features to all sites in the S…

Stack Exchange Global Types - a type declaration package for global objects exposed by Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange global types adds or augments type definitions for global objects exposed by Stack Exchange to aid userscript authors

How does 1 request every 5 seconds exceed the 30 requests per second limit?

I'm doing a run every 5 seconds for this API call: url = "{date_today}&order=desc&sort=creation&site…

Generate Headers - a utility package for validating and auto generating userscript manager headers

Tired of writing out userscript headers by hand? Of small typos in your @match headers leading to wasted time? Generate Headers to the rescue: this utility package automates header generation for p…

Duplicate manager with automatic closure and duplicate list editing

Description This is a userscript partly inspired by Aran Fey's Duplicate Target Manager and responds to this meta question (by myself) API to programmatically close questions as duplicate with dupl…

Duplicate list edit diffs in post timeline

The native post timeline displays "duplicate lists edited" event as an unreadable mess of links. This userscript diffs the changes and displays them as easy to visually parse lists of items.

Userscripts Configurer - One script to configure them all

UserScripts Configurer provides a shared UI and controls configuration options for UserScripters' userscripts.

Save the waffles! Bringing back custom 404 pages to Stack Exchange

The userscript brings back custom 404 page images to sites of the Stack Exchange network

PLACEHOLDER Stack Overflow App

StackOverflow desktop app (MacOS, Windows, Linux) IMPORTANT: This app is under development. This is a hobby project so no deadlines, no commercial. Fast, clean, and distraction-free UI Better wysi…

"is_edited": false or "is_edited": true as an option in the API response

When working with the Stack Exchange API I noticed that there is important data (at least for what I thought to do) not available, whether the question, answer or comment was edited or not: { &qu…

How can I fetch the answers posted in last week based on tags of the question?

I see that tags are present only for questions. How can I get the answers to these questions given in last week (if any) having specific tags?

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