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Replace badge icons with rubber ducks

The following userscript will replace the default badge icons with little rubber ducks // ==UserScript== // @name StackExchange, replace badge icons // @match *://*…

Stack Apps “Welcome Back” banner text isn't centered

This appear to be specific to Stack Apps. The text is centered on every other site I've tried. See below: Compared to how it should appear:

SpotDetector - Sniff out blacklisted comments

Bot that reports comments that match a blacklist.

v1.0, FrankerZ

Stack Apps updated site theme is ready for testing!

There are some things that are definitely changing everywhere and can't really be adjusted on a per-site basis. A few of them include: Top banner is shorter in height, so some artwork has to be a…

Can we change the Stack Apps homepage tabs to not show questions tagged “obsolete” and “placeholder”?

Following What should we do about dead listings?, we've started to add obsolete to questions that are 'deprecated, no longer available/supported, or no longer relevant'. However, on the front page…

Unable to get access token

I am trying to get a non-expiry access token, like so:{{some_uri}}&client_id={{some_value}} I am repeatedly getting the erro…

Is it possible to create a private Q&A site using the Stack Exchange API?

I want to create a sort of private Q&A site to allow university students of the same courses to communicate. Is it possible by using the Stack Exchange API?

PLACEHOLDER - DataWeave Slack-Stack

Read questions about DataWeave in Stack Overflow and post it into a channel in Slack. A response in that channel creates an answer in Stack Overflow. The app is not yet ready for prime time.

Can I make a Private Application?

I wish to access the API from a purely internal application; no visible app to the public, no promotion, no OAuth. That seems impossible via the key registration form; am I missing something?

I have created a lot of access_token with no_expiry scope while experimenting. How do I delete them?

While learning how to work with the StackApps APIs, I created quite a few (more than 10) access_token with no_expiry scope. Finally I have got my applicaiton working but I am worried that all those…

StackExchange Simulator

Generating random Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange questions using MarkovChains

CheckYerFlags: Notifying when a user reaches a certain flag amount

notify users when they reach an amount of certain flags

Sanction - An OAuth 2.0 implementation

Note: Sanction is nearing alpha state, so usage and issue logs are appreciated. Sanction is a Python implementation of the OAuth 2.0 protocol. It was written to cover issues missed by other implem…

How to automatically Approve an authentication request from a python script

I have registered for an experimental app and i have the client_id, client_secret and other keys. I have figured out the following - There is Implicit and Explicit authentication I am able to c…

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