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“Informed” badge shown as Next badge, but doesn't exist on this site

On my profile page, the Informed badge is shown as the next badge to obtain: Clicking it even shows a popup with a link to the Tour page, but it looks quite different from other SE sites. Lookin…

Get Key for my application

I am creating Stack Overflow client application and have reach limit to request. So I decided to get the Key from my application, but got a little confused. When I requested the Key I provided ap…

Is there an Maltego Stack API script or transform library?

I'm asking the question because i do not find information about Stack API and potential Transform script for Maltego. I would be interested in working on that if some people are interested in. Mal…

OBSOLETE - GrafOverflow - Metric collection for StackExchange

View real time and historical trend statistics from StackOverflow and other StackExchange sites.

OBSOLETE -, track all your statistics, reputation and badges in one place (now also supports coderwall)

Time to collect your achivies Achivy adds some fun to your life. It supports Stack Overflow and all Stack Exchange applications, GitHub,Coderwall Ohloh as well as many other applications…

OBSOLETE - Code::Trends - a visualization of the StackOverflow dataset

Code::Trends is an interactive analysis of a dataset taken from StackOverflow, including: visualization of the technologies trends by time and location recommendation for similar technologies rec…

myTagOverflow - StackOverflow top tags data visualization

Need to demonstrate your technical abilities? myTagOverflow shows the tags on which you have been active in a cool graph visualization.

Natty - Bringing 10k moderation to All

Background and History The New Answers to Old Questions tool helps us to find all the answers added to questions which are more than 30 days old. However the issue with the tool is that it is not …

Are bounties on Stack Apps productive?

Stack Apps doesn't have a Features tab like other SE sites. Is starting a bounty to promote your Stack App a stupid idea?

Floating vote buttons (script)

Tampermonkey script that brings back an old Stack Exchange feature which never made it out of beta: // ==UserScript== // @name Sticky post vote buttons // @namespace http://tampermonkey…

Improve productivity on StackOverflow with lots of functionalities (Chrome extension)

Stop wasting time while programming ! Adds many options to save time when searching for solutions on StackOverflow

Expand all comments script

The following script for Tampermonkey (multi browser) or Greasemonkey (Firefox) automatically expands all comments which are normally hidden behind the "show ... more comments" link: The code i…

What should we do about dead listings?

There are a few pending flags on posts for applications/scripts/libraries where the advertised program no longer works, sometimes meaning that the link to the source code and/or binary is also dead…

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