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StackMarks™ - Better bookmarks for a better experience

Bookmark management system introducing categories for Stack Exchange

'Informed' badge doesn't exist on site, but is still being promoted

The issue of a non-existent badge being promoted has been brought up before, but the following still happens: This will likely disappear once I get another badge (soon after posting this question …


Allows team admins to pin posts

The fieldnames in the error message do not match the names used on the form

When you register an app here there are 4 fields that are required: Application Name Description OAuth domain Application Website Leaving those fields empty returns this error message: Image fro…

wrong results of api /search/advanced

I am querying for results of /search/advanced. The request I am sending is`key`&access_token=`access_token`&…

The Authentication Problem of WebAuthenticationBroker Class in .NET 4.6

I have a problem when you test the Stack Exchange Authentication API to WebAuthenticationBroker. If you proceed with authentication, such as screenshots it will continue to appear only in progress.…

Request for user script to show/estimate moderator candidate scores from the time the user nominated in the election

I'd like a user script that, on moderator election pages, queries the API for user's candidate scores at the time they nominated in the election in question. Election pages, including historical el…

Announcing API version 1.1 and Roadmap

As has been announced on the blog, we're rolling out a minor revision of our existing read-only API. While the blog post gives some high level details, I figured [app] developers would appreciate s…

Version 1.0 released 9th of July

For a lot of us, that would be next Friday. At some point - most likely after noon PST - version 0.9 of the API will be replaced with the final 1.0 release. There are no expected interface change…

I only need a key, what do I do?

I'm told by others and read in Looking for a beginner's tutorial to using the API that I need "To Get A Key!" but when I then visit I'm stil …

Stack OverflowTesting

How can I use Stack Overflow for Teams with Stack Exchange API combined? I have tried creating a stack app and using client ID in Stack Exchange API. I made a localhost application to implement Sta…

Is there a Stack Exchange API allows research on the body?

I want to use the Stack Exchange API to perform research on the question/answer's body but it seems impossible. Is that the case? If not, how do I go about doing it?

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