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LegacyQuestions - Bringing back the old questions design

Brings back the old questions design changed in a recent redesign

Introducing the Script/App/Library of the Month

Now that we have a Community Bulletin, we can use it to highlight questions (more precisely scripts/apps/libraries) which deserve to be highlighted. All we ♦ moderators need to do is slap a feature…

Advanced Search Helper, Saved Search (Bookmarks), and Navigation Improvements

Advanced Search Helper when search box is focused. Bookmark search queries for reuse. Other navigation improvements.

All Communities Loader - making better use of the /users/hidecommunities page

All Communities Loader enhances the /users/hidecommunities page by making better use of the available space and returning all communities instead of 12 at a time

Generate Headers - a utility package for validating and auto generating userscript manager headers

Tired of writing out userscript headers by hand? Of small typos in your @match headers leading to wasted time? Generate Headers to the rescue: this utility package automates header generation for p…

Userstyles to (semi) revert the new Top Questions design

These userstyles attempt to revert the unpopular changes introduced to the Top Questions pages. See Announcement ~ New post summary designs on greatest hits now, everywhere else eventually Source …

Don't let me interact with this user's posts (for sockpuppets, mostly)

The main purpose of this script is to prevent one from accidentally interacting with questions/answers posted by a sock of their own (but it can also be used to avoid interacting with posts from ot…

Items response empty after article POST request

I'm trying to post an article using StackExchange's Teams API then try to pull that new article's id from the API response. The article gets posted but the items field is empty : {"items"…

Delete Button Rename - Clarify whether you've voted to delete/undelete already

Ever forget you voted to delete something and ended up retracting your vote accidentally? Well, so have a bunch of other people, myself included, so let's make that a bit more obvious. This very si…

How to get access_token from the uri after the fetch function executes?

I am using this snippet to authorize to the Stack Exchange API const baseUrl = ",no_expiry&redirect_uri=https:/…

When using the Advanced Search API endpoint, how soon after the edit grace period is question data updated?

I'm using the Questions Advanced Search API to retrieve Stack Overflow questions with a specific tag that were created in the last 15 minutes. I've written a script which runs every fifteen minutes…

Change the emoji on 👋 New contributor

Changes the emoji on 'New contributor' labels from WAVING HAND SIGN into PILE OF POO

v0.1, wim

Activity Indicator - see if you participated in a Q&A at a glance

Activity Indicator is a userscript that displays a, well, indicator and some useful stats about your interactions with a given post.

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