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Documentation describing fields for api stack exchange

When I looked through the StackExchange documentation, I didn't find any documentation describing the fields. I have to study the request and response for a long time in order to understand why thi…

Custom Staging Ground Comments

With the release of the Staging Ground on Stack Overflow, I want to share the userscripts I wrote for it during its Beta tests. The Staging Ground offers some built-in comment templates but if you …

Comment Templates Context Menu, an auto-comments user script

If you are tired of typing the same comments into Stack Exchange sites over and over, you can use this add-on to insert any of your frequently written comments with a couple clicks. Installation I…

se-flair: HTML combined Stack Exchange site flair

Combined flair for all Stack Exchange sites, including Area 51, running on Google App Engine.

v2.0.0, Isaac

stackchat.cpp - a C++20 library for Stack Exchange chat

C++20 library for Stack Exchange chat, with exactly 0 boost. Includes the core framework for bots, including command structures, listeners, etc., as well as base functionality.

v0.0.1, Zoe

stackapi.cpp - a C++20 library for the Stack Exchange API

I needed a (non-boost) C++ API library for Stuff™. So far, I've stuck to a single highly specialised and minimal implementation (that this library is based on), but because I have plans to write an…

v1.0.0, Zoe

PLACEHOLDER - stack apps development

Working on A Stack Overflow client development website.

Revision diff view

When visiting an individual post revision page, this script adds buttons that allow switching to a view showing how the revision differed from the previous one, just like on a full post history pag…

What's the next Script/App/Library of the Month?

Now that we have a Community Bulletin, we use it to highlight questions (more precisely scripts/apps/libraries) which deserve to be highlighted. All we ♦ moderators need to do is slap a featured ta…

View other OP posts in the Staging Ground

During the beta tests in the Staging Ground, there were some cases where the author wrote a posted a copy of the question that bypassed the Staging Ground process. This user script shows me the que…

Error calling Stack Overflow Teams API using Python requests library

I'm trying to call a PUT/DELETE request using the Stack Overflow Teams API in Python, but I'm encountering errors. As an FYI, I have a working PAT that allows me to make get requests for articles a…

StackScraper - export questions as JSON or HTML

Adds download options to Stack Exchange questions.

Does the StackExchange API have a WSDL file?

The title pretty much says it all: Does the StackExchange API have a WSDL file to help implement access to the API?

Fix for sticky hover background in duplicates

Description Problem See bug report here: Duplicate modal - row hover state not cleared The background is "sticky" added on hover then removed on a second hover. Fix This userstyle removes…

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