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OBSOLETE - SOAPI-DIFF: Your app broke? Check SOAPI-DIFF to find out what changed in the API

OBSOLETE - the website is down. SOAPI-DIFF Soothe your beta api blues with a DIFF view of the entire API compared to the last changed version. Instantly identify added/removed/changed…

OBSOLETE - StackBerry application for BlackBerry

I created this app because I always wanted to create an open source application. But I never had an idea on what to do. So I used my skill in BlackBerry development to build an app with the API pro…

Request for user script to change the comment delete button from the word “Delete” to the old gray X

A few hours ago, the system was changed to show the comment delete button as the word "Delete" rather than the gray X that it's been using for years. However, I find this a little intrusive and dis…

Review Stalker Reloaded: A cross-site dashboard for reviews

A one-stop pinned tab, always checking for review opportunities on main and meta as aggressively as is useful between multiple sites you configure.

OBSOLETE - Mobile Exchange Library for .NET Compact Framework

Since the .NET Compact Framework is always lagging behind in terms of what is implemented, and what is not implemented, I made a .NET library for the Stack Exchange API specifically made for the .N…

Promoting your [app]s - advertising contest proposal

I've proposed on Meta a contest for promoting StackApps applications developed with the API. Please consider to leave your comments over there. (Bounty +250)

Stack Reminder - Remind Yourself About Posts

Stack Reminder allows you to save questions/answers to a special list, each with their own custom flag to remind you why you wanted the reminder in the first place. This tool is a great resource w…

OBSOLETE - so++ - C++ Library

so++ is an object-oriented wrapper for the StackOverflow API. It currently uses libcurl and jsoncpp. The .zip file includes examples, though they need the API key replaced. License so++ is rele…

`redirect_uri` is not under the registered domain for this application

I am trying to implement Stack Exchange authorization in my RoR application. But I get the error : redirect_uri is not under the registered domain for this application in Gemfile use: gem…

Stackwise: a beautiful way to browse Stack Exchange sites

Stackwise is a new way of interacting with Stack Overflow, Super User, and all your favourite Stack Exchange sites.

v1.3, jogloran

PLACEHOLDER - StackExchange API Rust SDK

This project aims to provide a Rust wrapper to the Stack Exchange API. The SDK is not yet ready to use.

OAuth redirect_uri to strips part of the query string

I have a browser extension that uses OAuth2 to retrieve an access token. As recommended by, I use as …

Is there an offline copy of the API documentation?

I'm trying to find a way to get all the information in the API in one printable PDF, complete with the examples given in the documentation. Is there anyway I can do this?

How do I actually begin to code, in Node, using the Stack Exchange API?

I am a noob at coding, so forgive me for this rather trivial question. I am trying to make a program that can access the Stack Exchange API. Specifically I want to make a program that gets live qu…

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