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Wrong error message when attempting to edit a locked answer

When attempting to edit a locked answer like this one via the /answers/{id}/edit API method, I get an error message: Account is not allowed to suggest edits I have the privilege to edit the p…

PLACEHOLDER for viTech App

This is a small application written in angular that queries Stack Overflow posts based on a given tags. This app is currently under development and therefore in a private GitHub repository.

PLACEHOLDER - Stack Exchange Qmessage app

Stack Exchange Client. I created this post for getting write access. Language: Python

After which time span can my vote no longer change?

I came across a toast that appears when I try to change my vote that I made a few days ago. Is it documented somewhere after which time span you can no longer change your vote? Or does the API…

Expand all comments script

Automatically show more comments

Pronoun Assistant

Displays users' pronouns (mentioned in their profiles)

StackExchange – Expand Hidden Comments

In principle that what Expand all comments script does, but with two major differences: Scrolls the page back to the initial target of the corresponding link you selected (i.e. to question, quest…

Placeholder - vitech

Angular app that queries Stack Overflow posts based on given tags. This app is currently under development and therefore in a private GitHub repository.

Cannot authenticate with OAuth2

I was testing an app and suddenly I can't login any more. Neither my app or the Stack App configuration hasn't changed, so I'm thinking this might be a bug on the API side. The OAuth error seems a…

How to get (unread) achievements?

Is there an API call where you can get all achievements and all unread achievements? Like this: Update Thanks to the answer of Glorfindel, I use the following methods to calculate the unread…

How do I get the no. of upvotes a person has received for a particular tag?

I need the list of users who have more than 10K reputation and then among those users I need to see which user has how many up-votes for each tag. I don't think there is a direct query that will gi…

Misleading parameter descriptions on excerpt search documentation page

The excerpt search documentation page is slightly misleading about some of the parameters, which are stated to pertain to questions only: q - a free form text parameter, will match all question…

ThanksForTheAnswer - A nice platform for users to say “thank you” to the community

Screenshot / Code Snippet ThanksForTheAnswer - TFTA - was created after seeing a colleague's excitement over using StackOverflow for the first time. He felt thankful and really wanted to at leas…

Percentage of Questions Upvoted Lower than the Highest Upvoted Answer

On another site the issue has come up that questions may not be upvoted but answers are. I would like to get some statistical support for this. Are there already existing apps that can do this ki…

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