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Indicate that a user is moderator or staff using icons

This script implements the suggestion from user1306322 to Add an immediately visible indication that a user is a staff member or an employee of SE, which was the original request that led to New St…

Save the waffles! Bringing back custom 404 pages to Stack Exchange

The userscript brings back custom 404 page images to sites of the Stack Exchange network

Workplace Search Crawler - Test App

This is an app built to test the StackOverflow for teams API.

ChatOvercharged - making inserting markdown links in chat convenient

ChatOvercharged makes inserting markdown-formatted links in chat convenient

Bounty question collector

I want to write a script to collate all bounty questions from all Stack Exchange sites. I have heard of Tampermonkey and I have no server access. Could someone explain how I should go about writing…

Should status-reproduced be made a mod-only tag?

status-review has been recently made a mod-only tag, but status-reproduced remains a normal blue tag. While not currently used on any questions (except this one, for demonstration), eventually it …

Can “trends” be queried with the Stack Exchange API?

I've studied the Stack Exchange API to some extent (although I'm a newbie to such things), and it appears I can query the database using many criteria. But does Stack Exchange store any "trend…

PLACEHOLDER - A simple app that uses the Stack Exchange API

About I am making an Android app using the Stack Exchange API. So, I want to enable Stack Overflow login into my app. The app specifically uses the API to show questions. Download…

Small but Handy: Show a warning message for a deleted answer or comment

Convenient userscript to show a message when a answer or comment is removed when following a link

Refresh expired acess token basics

I'm trying to learn how to implement an OAuth flow in an Android app using a simple app with the Stack Exchange API. Using WebView, I'm able to retrieve an access token and store it in my shared pr…

Removing Collectives™ from Stack Overflow

About Inspired by the reaction to Beta release of Collectives™ on Stack Overflow, I decided to create a small practical solution in the form of a user script. It will remove almost all traces of Co…

How to register a Stack App with explicit OAuth 2.0 flow to a third party site?

I am about to integrate a Stack Overflow app to a third party website / integration service (Zoho). The third party website's documentation mentioned that the redirect URL is…

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