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Why can I not authenticate my application? Application is not allowed to request implicit grants

I created a placeholder. PLACEHOLDER - Disco Application I created an application and added placeholder. I followed…

PLACEHOLDER - Disco Application

This question is a placeholder for Disco Application. It is in development right now.

Client id-19198

I have posted a question with API 19198-V2.O CLIENT ID-19198 0AUTH 2.0 FLOW. Does it seem to be the correct API? will the question reach the desired destination stack overflow web site? or the…

“edited” key always return false. even though it shows edited on site

CommentID: 1193255 On site Meta Stack Exchange The Api returns edited as false However if you see the comment itself, you can see it has been edited. Is there something that I am missing here?

Stack Updates: mobile app for receiving push notifications

I've been looking for a good way to receive push notifications for inbox items, and, after seeing someone else asking for it in a comment in meta stack exchange, I decided to start implementing it.…

Cannot authenticate with OAuth2

I was testing an app and suddenly I can't login any more. Neither my app or the Stack App configuration hasn't changed, so I'm thinking this might be a bug on the API side. The OAuth error seems a… browsable aggregated tags

IBM Watson NLU analysis and tag browser

v1.0, r2e2

SOFU/ SE Reputation Aggregator

Is there an app that aggregates all my SOFU/SE reputation, badges in one single place? I'm going to love it.

Take the right filter for favourite count

I try to take the favourite count filter for a question. I use api through R library(stackr) stack_questions(11227809, site = "stackoverflow", filter = "!GeD4JB*YQqe2L") an…

StackEye - Chrome Extension to follow users and questions on StackExchange sites

A Chrome extension Chrome Extension to follow users and questions on StackExchange sites.

Applications must have a registered Stack Apps post to write

I have problems with registered Stack Apps, I've tried different combinations, but it doesn't work. OAuth Domain Application Website: Applicatio…

How to update tags without modifying question body?

I made a call to update the question tags using API - however the body formatting changes when I edit the tags with the same body received (with HTM…

How to 'publish' an app after the development is complete?

I followed the steps and created a StackApp (registering a new OAuth app) and added a StackApp post as per question - My app has to be published first? But it's still under development Now that…

Stackexchange authentication API, Swift app

I'm trying to implement authentication with StackExchange API => And I'm implementing this in an application. So I decided the implicit approach. I call the UR…

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