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StacMan - .NET client for Stack Exchange API v2

StacMan is a .NET client for Stack Exchange API v2

PLACEHOLDER - VosMottor's Bot

Just creating a bot for Stack Exchange. I just started so far.

PLACEHOLDER - Fortnightly Topic Challenge Automation on Puzzling.SE

Used for (meta.)puzzling.stackexchange - Creates & edits the corresponding meta posts with information from the main and meta site. E.g. creating a post for the new challenge every 2 weeks and …

Is there a script to make Stack Exchange sites use the full width of the browser?

All the Stack Exchange sites are designed to take up a width of 1000px or less. Can this be expanded to have the content always try to take up all available horizontal space?

Can I have more than one OAuth Domain?

I tried to set more than one OAuth Domain, but seems to it's not working. I tried to set them separated by comma or space, but got redirect_uri - must be under an apps registered domain error messa…

Take the right filter for favourite count

I try to take the favourite count filter for a question. I use api through R library(stackr) stack_questions(11227809, site = "stackoverflow", filter = "!GeD4JB*YQqe2L") an…

PLACEHOLDER - A Test app for personal OAuth testing

A test app for personal OAuth testing and for flagging.


App under development, please stay tuned for more developments.

Stack Overflow Extras (SOX)

SOX v2.7.0 Stack Overflow Extras (SOX) is a project that stemmed from the Stack Overflow Optional Features (SOOF) project. The SOX userscript adds a bunch of optional features to all sites in the S…

Stack Android Application

Stack is an Android application that lets you browse and other Stack Exchange sites. It is currently under heavy development and is unstable. Screenshot Download / Install Downlo…

PLACEHOLDER — Pipedream: Connect Stack Exchange with 100s of other Applications

Do more with the StackExchange API. We recently integrated StackExchange with Pipedream. Pipedream is a serverless integration and compute platform. We provide a free, hosted platform that makes it…

StackApps Captcha doesn't work: “Invalid domain for site key”

The Captcha page on this site doesn't seem to be set up correctly, it shows an error message: ERROR for site owner:Invalid domain for site key

How to get access_token from the uri after the fetch function executes?

I am using this snippet to authorize to the Stack Exchange API const baseUrl = ",no_expiry&redirect_uri=https:/…

PLACEHOLDER - So I can test write access in my new app

This is just a placeholder so I can test write access for my app. App is definitely not ready for prime time yet, but hopefully soon!

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