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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

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Pertains to features that require 10K reputation to access (The "Access To Moderator Tools" privilege).
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For questions related to developing Stack Apps for the Android platform. General Android development questions should go to Stack Overflow; for non-development questions, see Android Enthusiasts Stack…
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Tools (scripts/apps/libraries) that help with answers, or issues with the API handling of answers
× 401
Questions about the Stack Exchange API *only*. If your question concerns any other API, do not use this tag. For bugs, please (also) use the version tag, EG [api-v2.2], that the bug applies to.
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Questions about the built-in API **HELP PAGES** at api.stackexchange.com/docs. For issues with the API itself, use the [api] tag, not this tag.
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Questions about the registration, management, and usage of API keys.
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**OBSOLETE** version of the API. Decommissioned in May 2014.
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**OBSOLETE** version of the API. Decommissioned in May 2014.
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for questions about the Stack Exchange API version 2. First released Feb 2012.
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For questions relating to version 2.1 of the Stack Exchange API.
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For questions relating to version 2.2 of the Stack Exchange API.
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For questions relating to the (accessible but not officially released) version 2.3 of the Stack Exchange API.
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Use this ONLY to list or announce your application; and ONLY if that application either uses the Stack Exchange API or works on any of the Stack Exchange websites. See stackapps.com/q/7/ for more info…
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Questions about whether [app]s with certain functionality exist. Some members of the community may react to these questions by creating those [app]s, should they not exist.
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For (meta) questions about apps, in general, that use or augment Stack Exchange. ... Or about the App listing process here on Stack Apps. ... Use in conjunction with one, or more, of the following tag…
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a Q/A site in the Stack Exchange Network.
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A question about how the API returns user associations.
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A question about the Stack Exchange authentication process and related API methods.
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awarded to encourage and reward positive community actions within the site.
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JavaScript code, adding additional functionality to a website, which can be stored as a bookmark in the browser. Use this tag only for bookmarklets operating on the Stack Exchange web…
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a way to get additional attention for a question by offering some of your own reputation for great answers.
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Indicates you've found an erroneous or unexpected behavior in the Stack Exchange API, or the Stack Exchange HTML or CSS, that needs to be fixed.
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Accompanies [app]s written in, or [library]s meant to be used from, the C# programming language
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Questions about, or scripts/apps/libraries that enhance Stack Exchange's Chat rooms/feature.
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an automated program that sends, and/or responds to, chat messages.
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An [app] that takes the form of an extension to the Google Chrome browser.