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Questions tagged [area51]

For questions about scripts or the Stack Exchange API involving Area 51 or its meta site

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high_resolution_icon_url points to a non-existing image for Area 51 Discuss

In 2013 this bug was reported: Not all sites are returning Hi Res icons Since then a lot has improved. Most urls found in high_resolution_icon_url on the site type as returned by the /sites endpoint ...
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Add Area 51 Discussions to site list and account list

While Area 51 Discussions is accessible via the API (proof), it is neither in the list of sites nor in the list of associated accounts. I'm not sure how much work this would be to add? I understand ...
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Are there plans to involve Area51 in SE API version 3?

Several applications come to mind, proposal publicity, question analysis, making resources files, but I can't find any SE API calls that can do this.
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1 answer

Is there any support for Area 51 in the new API?

Does the new API support Area 51? Will there be support in the future?
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An associated query is returning a partial record for Area 51

This issue has recurred (and is ongoing) as of a couple of weeks ago. Most notably, as before, the on_site attribute is missing from Area 51. This is API 1.0, by the way.
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So Time Mah Betas Userscript, displays the length of Area 51 public betas

Screenshot / Code Snippet About This script was created to address this Meta question: When viewing the Area 51 proposal for any site, this script adds a "public beta duration" block showing the ...
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Area 51 sites api [duplicate]

Why does not list Area 51 (
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OBSOLETE - List Area51 discuss in the StackAuth sites list

The API works for Area 51 discuss, but it isn't listed on the site list. Would it be possible to add it so software using the API can access it without adding specific code for it?
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Can I Drive the Area51 Process via the SO API?

I am planning a new webapp. I want to use an SE instance to power the community feature of the new webapp. Since all SE sites must pass through the Area51 process, I would like to know if I could ...
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Area51 does not show up in the associated accounts query

Is this on purpose and if yes why?
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Why I think Area51 needs an API.

Okay, I have to admit that I never dreamed I would be advocating an API for Area51. But here I am doing it :) I think we need an API for Area51. Granted, the whole concept of questions and answers is ...
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