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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

For questions about the aspects of related questions, tags or site.
6 questions
4 questions
User reputation as returned by the API or displayed on Stack Exchange sites
60 questions
For questions about apps, libraries or userscripts that provide insight in how reputation of a user came to be.
6 questions
4 questions
For apps and scripts which add additional functionality to the review queues, or make it available outside web browsers.
22 questions
For questions about how the API returns revisions of posts.
17 questions
Roomba is a set of tasks which periodically delete questions based on specified criteria. There are 5 Roomba tasks: 1 runs daily which deletes questions closed for > 9 days when they also meet other c…
1 question
can be used for chat-based applications that are designed to help chat room owners with room management functions.
3 questions
For questions that use the Really Simple Syndication feeds across the sites to offer additional features to users.
9 questions
Accompanies [app]s written in, or [library]s meant to be used from, the Ruby programming language
23 questions
0 questions
Which questions are on-topic or off-topic for
2 questions
to post a userscript that operates on Stack Exchange sites and/or uses the Stack Exchange API. For questions about user scripting and Stack Exchange, or its API, use the [scripts] tag in…
Questions about whether userscripts ([script] tag) with certain functionality exist. Some members of the community may react to these questions by creating those userscripts, should they not exist.
33 questions
Questions about (user)script support, or using the API from userscripts.   If you are announcing or posting a userscript, use the "script" tag instead.
28 questions
Questions about searching via the API, typically using the /search method.
73 questions
2 questions
For questions that use Silverlight as runtime platform to use the Stack Exchange API.
7 questions
For questions about the `site` parameter or the /sites route of the API. Or about dealing with multiple Stack Exchange sites in/with the API.
28 questions
Question relating to the (now obsolete) Soapi.CS family of libraries.
10 questions
Question relating to the (now obsolete) Soapi.JS family of libraries.
12 questions
if you have a question about the Sort parameter.
27 questions
stack.PHP is a PHP wrapper for the StackExchange API created by George Edison.
9 questions
For questions about Stack Applet, an app that offers an indicator for monitoring your Stack Exchange accounts.
5 questions
Questions that relate to interaction with or usage of this site (Stack Apps).
45 questions
StackAuth is the centralized domain used for network-wide authentication to any site in the network.
36 questions
0 questions
Use if the question applies ONLY to Stack Overflow and not the rest of the Stack Exchange sites. THIS TAG IS RARELY APPROPRIATE, only use it if you are very sure.
44 questions
For questions about using the Stack Exchange API to access Stack Overflow for Teams data. For general Stack Overflow for Teams questions, please visit Meta Stack Overflow.
14 questions
2 questions
2 questions
For questions about the team of people behind the Stack Exchange network (developers, community managers, etc.), also known as employees of Stack Overflow (the company). They can be identified by an o…
1 question
Use for apps, scripts or libraries that gather / collect / organize / represent statistics from the Stack Exchange network sites and/or the /stats endpoint
19 questions
3 questions
Indicates that a submitted issue is actually due to the existing design of the system and is not considered erroneous behaviour.
54 questions
3 4
6 7