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Pertains to features that require 10K reputation to access (The "Access To Moderator Tools" privilege).

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NATO tool link shortcut

This is a basic userscript which saves one click and some waiting time. If you are anxious like me and don't like to head over to the (10k) Tools page, wait for the page to load while chasing the ...
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Request for user script to remove mask from posts deleted as spam or offensive

As a contributor to Charcoal, I often find that the spam and offensive mask (i.e. "this post was deleted as spam or offensive and is therefore not shown, see the revision history") just gets in my way ...
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Burninator toolkit

Please note, the tag burninator script requires 10k rep to use. Sorry, noobs! I pass on to you, dear taxonomist terrorists, the burninator toolkit. This toolkit consists of two user scripts which, ...
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Stack Exchange - Deleted Answer Manager

Description This script hides the content of deleted answers (which are visible to 10k+ Stack Exchange users), injects a show content / hide content toggle in the answer's menu, and injects a ...
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