A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

Locked posts can't be: Edited, Voted on, Commented on, Answered, nor Flagged with most flags. Use this for questions with how the API handles such posts, or for tools/apps/scripts that deal with lock…
5 questions
For questions about the logo attributes found in the Site type or the logos found on the site and how to interact with them from a script.
4 questions
For questions about apps, scripts or libraries that specifically target the Apple Mac operating system
14 questions
Markdown is a lightweight, plain-text, markup language. It is used across the entire Stack Exchange network for post formatting (Questions, answers, wikis, chat) and comment formatting.
15 questions
2 questions
2 questions
For *either* meta questions about Stack Apps, or about how per-site metas are exposed by the API. (Stack Apps is its own meta site)
89 questions
For BUG REPORTS, not feature-requests. Use this when the API doesn't return data when the docs (or similar calls) say it should. This tag may be eliminated in the future.
5 questions
to help differentiate moderation questions from the usual Stack Apps post.
4 questions
4 questions
Node is a server-side web application framework that uses JavaScript syntax.
9 questions
0 questions
Questions about Stack Exchange notifications and the API routes that provide them. Not about apps that provide notifications - use [notifier] instead.
12 questions
Apps that provide notifications of things happening.
30 questions
0 questions
For questions relating to authenticating with the Stack Exchange API using OAuth 2.0, which is an open standard for authorization. General OAuth 2.0 questions are off-topic but might find a home elsew…
97 questions
For questions about using the Stack Exchange API with the Objective-C programming language. General questions about Objective-C are off-topic but might be asked on Stack Overflow.
5 questions
Apps, Scripts, Libraries, Bugs, Feature-requests, or APIs that are: deprecated, no longer available/supported, or no longer relevant.
96 questions
For questions about apps, scripts and libraries that make offline use of Stack Exchange content possible.
6 questions
3 questions
For questions related to the use of paging (returning a limited number of results, and using a page parameter to get the next batch) in the Stack Exchange API.
10 questions
for question about the use of parameters when calling the Stack Exchange API
8 questions
Perl is a high-level, general-purpose, interpreted, dynamic programming language.
1 question
Questions about using PHP code to interact with Stack Exchange and/or the Stack Exchange API. ... For general PHP questions, post on Stack Overflow instead.
22 questions
For apps that don't quite work yet, but need a registered Stack Apps post for WRITE ACCESS. If you're following a tutorial which asks to post a placeholder app here to obtain WRITE ACCESS, that's fine…
104 questions
"Posts" covers both questions and answers. (And perhaps wiki pages) For example, you may use this tag for apps that help with general editing.
46 questions
3 questions
Accompanies [app]s written in, or [library]s meant to be used from, the Python programming language
54 questions
2 questions
2 questions
Tools that help with questions, or issues with the API handling of questions.
146 questions
For questions about the maximum number of API calls per day, AKA 'quota'; 300 for unregistered apps, and 10000 for registered apps (per user when using personalized access tokens, per app otherwise).
14 questions
2 questions
Questions about: throttling, the `backoff` flag, the quotas, or the rate limiting of requests made to the API. API calls are restricted both by per-second rates and by daily quotas.
44 questions
Questions about displaying things with minimal latency, or apps that do so.
4 questions
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