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For questions about Stack Applet, an app that offers an indicator for monitoring your Stack Exchange accounts.

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How can I get beta sites to show on StackApplet (v1.5.1)

I installed StackApplet v1.5.1 and it works fine, although the refresh time of 5 mins minimum is a bit slow. However, I have an account in Robotics which is in beta state. How can I get notifications ...
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Is it possible to sync notifications across multiple desktops with StackApplet?

These days people usually work on a number of machines, laptop for the road, desktop at home, perhaps even a machine at work or uni. This creates the need to have notifications synced somehow. It is ...
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Does stackapplet support an http proxy ?

I installed stackapplet on Ubuntu desktop 10.04 from their PPA. This installed stackapplet version 1.5+151~lucid1. This is my computer at work and it is behind an http proxy. I couldn't find anywhere ...
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StackApplet and AskUbuntu

Two questions: Whenever one clicks on the "Ask Ubuntu" in the StackApplet's menu it opens (where ### is the user's id number), but there is no such ...
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stackapplet and Google account

I am trying to use Stack-Applet for Ubuntu ( and I have registered on Stack Overflow using my Google account. I guess that'...
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