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Script to add a "Related Tags" module for search on all Stack Exchange sites

Screenshot / Code Snippet About Back in May A.Danesh asked "How can I see related tag for a search query?". I didn't actually see this question at the time but by September I started wondering the ...
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How to use tags/{tags}/related

I am new to stackapps. I am wondering how to apply /tags/{tags}/related to more than one tags. The documentation does not give an example. I tried /2.0/tags/c,java/related?site=stackoverflow, /2.0/...
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Can 'api_site_parameter' be added to related_site?

It would be great if the related_site type contained api_site_parameter. I realize that you probably don't want to clutter up related_site with a lot of unnecessary fields, but I think it makes sense ...
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type related_site not listed in 'by type' tab list

The type "related_site" is not listed in the 'by type' tab in documentation.
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Is there an API to fetch tags related to a given tag?

I'm interested in making a tool that explores the tags of a site for tags which should be merged or mention each other in tag wikis etc. On the page of any given tag there is a column on the right of ...