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For questions that use the Really Simple Syndication feeds across the sites to offer additional features to users.

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RSS security in general and StackEye security specifically

Surely (or at least hopefully) I'm not the first to wonder about this (but a search on "StackEye security" gets me nothing). All I really want to do is follow users on StackExchange and so I ...
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How to read (get feeds of) different Stack Exchange networks

I follow multiple networks in Stack Exchange where I select Hot/Week/Month to see what I missed. This is a bit time consuming since I have to switch and click to each one instead of having it ...
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How to sort /questions/featured by bounty_closes_date

The API documentation describes tthe usage of /questions/featured. Unfortunately there does not seem to be a way to sort the result by bounty_closes_date, which is IMO the sort option making most ...
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How to access global stackexchange user favourites in a feed?

I was looking for a way to IFTTT my questions, and found this recipe, that automaqically saves your favourited questions to Evernote. Nice. It uses stack2rss (thus the SE API) to provide a feed with ...
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Using Stack2RSS, why can I get feeds for some SE sites and not others?

I can use Stack2RSS to easily get RSS feeds of some StackExchange sites but not others: The pattern if I understand the API is{SiteName}/questions Substituting ...
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Use stack2rss to receive responses via RSS

I'm trying to setup to receive full-body "responses" (comments, edits, answers and so on) to my own stackoverflow questions via RSS, but I can't find the right ...
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Conditional GET support for chat RSS feeds?

I'm trying to use one of the RSS feeds from in my application. I'm using the python feedparser package for this. Feedparser supports a couple of different "conditional get" ...
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MetaOverflow: Stack Exchange related ATOM feeds

Screenshot About MetaOverflow provides specialised RSS feeds for the Stack Exchange sites. Currently is provides two feeds related to the availability of sites, but more feeds for other things will ...
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Is there an RSS feed or question that has API changes?

Is there someplace that we can find notifications of API changes? I noticed today that a new property has been added to user along with a couple new method (and maybe other changes). Is there an ...
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