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It's allowed with the caveat there's no guarantee it won't be merged, provided that you abide by the good faith criteria. If you attempt to actually run something like the script in your previous post, for example, both accounts will likely be suspended without second thought. Having a separate account for testing doesn't shield you from the consequences of ...


No. Currently the users type does not return any private_info and neither does the user_timeline type return any voting information. No other API method allows for detecting a user's vote history except one question at a time. You would have to fetch every single question and test the downvoted and the upvoted properties. If you limited your search ...


I'll slot this in for v2.1, not super useful in general but definitely interesting information that we should make available.


Unicorn Starring a userscript to bring unicorns to chat stars! Only uses the OP images. Same License. Don't sue me George Install


You need to use a filter that returns those properties. The default filter does not. Also, the API is at version 2.2. You should use that unless you've a very good reason not to. So try, for example:!G*ky*lRuarbDJTpnwEtY-a05oz Or:


I don't have much experience with HttpClient but the problem does not seem to be caused by your code. Probably it is the lack of required parameters that causes problem. When I called this function in C#, I passed following parameters in order to make it work. I am not sure about "preview" parameter but I believe the site parameter is a must. Hope this ...


It's no different in the API than it is for the main site. From the FAQ: you may change your vote within a five minute window from the time of the first vote you cast on that post. Note that after voting and undoing your vote 30 times, it will also be locked in.


Well, the response has been underwhelming so far, but fortunately the powers that be decided to restore the voting tab on the profile page: So a client-side extension is no longer required.

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