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Duplicate Target Manager

Not sure which posts you should setup with this script? I made a quick SEDE query to help you find common duplicate target posts for your tag of choice.
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Close Reason Editor: Customize your off-topic close reasons

I ran into a problem, using Firefox ver. 38... The adding of Tags to a new question initiates a scripting error and does not let me add tags. If I turn off the close-reason-editor I am back to ...
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Suggestion for new Stack App or SE UI feature: Reopen queue status

Here's a quick'n'dirty userscript, tested on Greasemonkey on Firefox: Can be installed via the raw link: ...
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Should we close questions which ask for feedback to go elsewhere?

Closing them would help the developers, as sites like GitHub make it much easier to track and act on issues. However, I don't think we should/can assume that every Stack Apps user has an account on ...
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View close/reopen votes without 3k rep

feature-request If the user has <3K, the "Close" link does nothing. It would be better if the button was disabled for <3K users or led to a dialog explaining that the user needed 3K ...
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Close Reason Editor: Customize your off-topic close reasons

This script caused me both the bug reported by Buscar and the one reported here (I was asked to confirm leaving the page each time I posted a question or answer). Removing the script solved both bugs ...
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