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feature-requeststatus-planned The Stack Apps home pages are not giving new users the best impression. Several obsolete, placeholder, beta, and low-scoring apps and scripts are placed prominently there. This is closely related to this feature-request, but I propose more possible workarounds here. I propose that in order for a post to get on the homepages (...


Recently the user name truncation issue has been fixed in the Stack Apps site, now it is looking good. Screenshot for reference:


bugfeature-request Can we get the home page to show all the tags for a post. And also, ideally, the post's score: EG, from: To:


Source: See GitHub: Stack Exchange, replace badge icons with duckies... and post bug reports and pull requests there. Install: Install from GitHub Made some tweaks as follows: June 01, 2019: Turned on styling for network-user pages. Fixed a race condition / GM_addStyle bug whereby the styles were not sticking for certain page loads. November 16, ...


If you have TamperMonkey installed, this simple script should fix the problem: // ==UserScript== // @name SAHPA (Stack Apps Home Page Aligner) // @namespace // @version 0.1 // @description Aligns the user names on the StackApps Home Page // @author anonymous2 // @match // @grant ...


This design issue has been fixed in the How to Format section. Currently the text is visible correctly: ► backtick escapes `like _so_` Screenshot for reference:


Yes, the homepage is not showing Stack Apps in its best light. As a mitigation that we can all do now: Prepend "OBSOLETE - " or "PLACEHOLDER - " to the title, if appropriate. (In addition to those 2 tags.) Note that Power users can grey out or hide such questions:


A modified version of the above code which works also on other network sites and not only on // ==UserScript== // @name Stack Overflow custom top navbar // @namespace // @version 0.1 // @description Make Stack Overflow Design Great Again #MSODGA :) // @author modified from https://codereview....

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