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Hide the Stack Exchange sidebar

Okay, the following Stylish style should be a good start. You can also see / install it at @namespace url(; @-moz-document domain(""),...
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Hide the Stack Exchange sidebar

I made a userscript that allows the user to toggle the visibility of the sidebar (the userscript's source code is also on GitHub): // ==UserScript== // @name Toggle the right sidebar // @...
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Revert Stack Exchange's new up/down vote buttons

bug The arrows are too dark. With the script: Original arrows: They also have a blue hover, which the original design didn't hove.
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Blur the topbar’s background

I've ported this to JavaScript, Tampermonkey, and Greasemonkey. You can install the Tampermonkey script here: Install View Source
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Hide the Stack Exchange sidebar

and this too: StackOverflow CodeBox Options
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