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I have written a chat bot. Do I need to announce its existence on Stack Apps? No, it is not mandatory to announce your chat bot with a post on Stack Apps. It is appreciated if you do, specially if your bot is present in public chat rooms and users stumble upon it. See your post as a service to (potential) users in case of questions / issues / bugs or ...


This is fixed with the new Stacks design:


You can't. The summary is only visible on Homepage tabs or the /tagged/[tag] endpoint for a few tags. The following endpoints show the summary in the post list:


Note that a URI is not a domain, but this seems to be a common mistake when setting up OAuth2. Also reference: `redirect_uri` is not under the registered domain for this application What exactly is a valid OAuth domain name for registering your app? Can the redirect_uri contain port number? This answer has detailed instructions on how to set-up and use ...

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