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Will the Stack Exchange API work with an org-specific Stack Overflow site?

Are you using Stack Overflow Enterprise? If so, API support was promised for right about nowThere's a chance that ETA might slip. ;). Otherwise, how exactly is this company-specific site configured?...
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Removing Collectives™ from Stack Overflow

bug status-completed When I turn on your script, I see that it hide the first element of Hot Meta Posts in Sidebar, as below: When I turn you script off, everything is fine: I face this bug in 0.1 &...
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Remove Jobs and Teams from Stack Overflow

Changelog 1.3.2 Now blocks the Products button and the banner above the answer field encouraging people to use Teams 1.2.0 Now blocks the job ad above the "Hot Network Questions". 1.1.0 ...
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Top Navigation Bar script

A modified version of the above code which works also on other network sites and not only on stackoverflow.com: // ==UserScript== // @name Stack Overflow custom top navbar // @namespace ...
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Problem Implementing Socialite Stack exchange

You're providing the clientid as key, which is not correct. If you go to the page where you can manage your application you'll need to copy the key: Key Pass this as key when making requests against ...
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