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For questions about either API methods for editing posts, or for tools/apps/scripts that enhance the editing experience.

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OBSOLETE - SE Editor Toolkit

Looking for Maintainer I have not had the capacity to maintain this project in any meaningful way, but the source code is quite clear and reasonably well documented. If you would be interested to ...
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<kbd>, Superscript and Subscript, markup shortcuts

About: This script adds buttons and keyboard shortcuts that make it easy to add/remove: <kbd> tags Superscripts and subscripts <del> tags <br> tags &emsp; when editing posts. ...
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MathJax Buttons

Adds some math/science buttons to the editor on science SE sites. These buttons are useful for converting selected text to math, formatting SI units, and formatting chemical equations. There are also ...
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Better handling of indentation and the TAB key when editing posts

About This user script changes the behavior of a few keys (most notably the Tab key) within the post editor to behave more like it does in IDEs or text editors: When multiple lines are selected, Tab ...
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4 answers

Stack Exchange Improvements - Sticky top bar, new text editor, and more

About This chrome extension replaces the text editor with a much better one that supports markdown, indentation, code formatting, and more! Also provides options for making the top bar sticky, and ...
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Dude, where's my cursor?

About This user script makes it easier to edit long questions and answers by doing the following things: It constrains the height of the Markdown preview to 500 pixels by default, so you can see the ...
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Stack Exchange Editor Toolkit

This userscript is a revival of sorts for the old SE Editor Toolkit, which was abandoned some time ago. It only really provides the autocorrect aspect for the foreseeable future, which I find to be ...
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Stack Exchange Side-By-Side Edit and Preview

Note: the new inline editing breaks this user script pretty seriously, so it doesn't work at the moment. I will be working on fixing it to work with the new system when I get a chance, but it may take ...
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SE like I like it userscript

About Here's yet another Greasemonkey / Tampermonkey userscript for Stack Exchange. It adds the following enhancements: Within preformatted code blocks, double-click to select all. In the post ...
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Get Comment markdown, copy comment code to clipboard

About: This userscript adds flyover buttons to every comment to fetch that comment's code (markdown). Reference this post, and this post on Meta Stack Overflow. Features: The markdown is paste-...
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Editor buttons for injecting documentation links

I wrote a small user script for adding some buttons to the question editor. The idea came up a few times on Meta Stack Overflow and Stack Overflow, and I just wanted to share a rough version to get ...
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OBSOLETE - See the SOX post -- Side By Side Editing [duplicate]

This script no longer works and is no longer supported. See the Stack Overflow Extras (SOX) for this functionality. Screenshot About This userscript adds a button to the editor toolbar ('Toggle ...
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Inline editor regardless of reputation

The following simple script provides an ability to edit any posts inline regardless of reputation (works if logged out also). Download / view code Screenshot from there:
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Suggested Edits Queue for Mere Mortals

Screenshot About This Java command-line app gives you access to the Suggested Edits queue using the Stack Exchange 2.0 API. It is ideally suited for users in the 2000 <= reputation < 5000 ...
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MEHF - tool for quickly testing code snippets, with StackOverflow support

Screenshot About MEHF is partway between an IDE and a REPL. (The name "MEHF" is partway between "IDE " and "REPL.") It's designed to offer quick testing of code ...
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Edit summary options

Description Gives you little checkboxes above the edit summary with preset options like "formatted code" or "removed signature." Screenshots Userscript ...
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Stack Exchange Editor Extra: a userscript to add extra features to the Markdown Editor

Stack Exchange Editor Extra A userscript which adds extra features to the default SE Markdown Editor. Extra features: Insert code with Ace Editor (alt + a) Find & Replace (with modifiers) (alt+ ...
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Script to dynamically expand the Q/A text field

I'm searching for a script to (vertically) expand the text field in questions and answers as I type. I personally prefer seeing all content at once (while the area can be extended by manually dragging,...
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6 votes
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Request for script, or fix, to add Edit-Reason checkboxes

I've found a Stack Exchange userscript which looks GREAT - it would make things so much easier for me: The Edit summary options script Unfortunately, it doesn't work at all! I'm not sure why. My ...
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Wrong error message when attempting to edit a locked answer

When attempting to edit a locked answer like this one via the /answers/{id}/edit API method, I get an error message: Account is not allowed to suggest edits I have the privilege to edit the post, ...
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Can the API Edit a Question, changing only one field?

The documentation for the edit question method (/questions/{id}/edit) is somewhat vague. Are all of the parameters required? For example, if the only field I want to change in the question is tags, ...
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Should HTML or Markdown be passed to /questions/{id}/edit?

I'm making an app that supports editing questions. Should HTML or Markdown source be passed to the body parameter of /questions/{id}/edit?
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