Stack Exchange Editor Extra

A userscript which adds extra features to the default SE Markdown Editor.

Extra features:

  • Insert code with Ace Editor (alt + a)
  • Find & Replace (with modifiers) (alt+ f)
  • KBD-ify selected text (alt+ k)
  • Auto correct (very basic)
  • Tab key indents rather than moves focus
  • Side by side editing (for new questions/new answers only)
  • Improved link insertion: auto search via DuckDuckGo allows you to easily link to popular websites
  • Improved image insertion: add a smaller image with a link to a bigger one or just the plain image


The image & link dialogs are simply replaced - clicking the normal icon will show the new one. For all other features, a small toolbar is added:




Please post bugs or feature requests as Issues at Github. Pull requests are, of course, welcome! :) For bugs, please check whether there is anything in your browser's console to help in fixing it!



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