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bug After I have installed this userscript, I got the menu toolbar empty: Also I have got this in the console: jQuery.Deferred exception: t.find(...).unadornedButtonClick is not a function c@ h@ et@


feature-request Could we enable this userscript in the edit page? When I try to edit anything (either question or answer), I don't see the option to turn on/off. Here is an example: I am not sure if this is a bug or feature-request but I will tag as feature request anyway.


How come the code isn't formatted to be in different colors? (etc, how they show on SO)


bug status-completed Fixed in version 1.2. It doesn't work on Firefox with Windows 10, there is no option in the text box: I tried version 1.0 also. On closer inspection, I saw an error in the console: Script error in [Greasemonkey script; version 1.1]: ReferenceError: $ is not defined Tab4SE:76:19

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