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Response capability It would be nice if this app did not only show the Stack activites but gave a chance to respond them.


This is really a great app :) I liked it very much. Can it be possible to also pass the user-id as a parameter somewhere, so that the link to original question get's linked with the referrer and would help in Announcer and Booster badge. Update - Answer to my own question above Updating the a href to required link would do the job here. Check this post ...


It is impossible to fetch all of Stack Overflow's users in a single API call, or even in a single day (using just the API and one IP address). There are currently 1,995,355 users on Stack Overflow. Which means that you would need 19,954 API calls to get them all, but your maximum API quota is 10,000 calls per day. The smart thing to do is to have your app ...


Release notes Date Version Changes 3-10-2012 0.1.0 alpha 1 Initial version 4-10-2012 0.1.0 alpha 2 Changed regular expression @include to match all StackExchange sites 4-10-2012 0.1.0 alpha 3 Added to @include RegEx 11-10-2012 0.1.0 alpha 4 ...


How come the code isn't formatted to be in different colors? (etc, how they show on SO)


I think you should include $(document).stacktack(); to the javascript file, so we just need to include your library, and... that's it :D

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