Bug report (status-completed) It doesn't work for the new Stack Overflow em Português. The following @match entries in the script: // @match http://stackoverflow.com/questions/* // @match http://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/* // @match http://stackoverflow.com/review/* // @match http://meta.stackoverflow.com/review/* /...


Bug Report (status-completed) This script is no longer working as of yesterday (12/20/2018) for me on any SE site, it looks like StackExchange redesigned the voting buttons. Clicking on the score of a post now has no effect whatsoever. I'm using Chrome 71 on Windows 10 if it matters. It looks like this script was broken by the same UI change that made the ...


Bug report (status-completed) When the new beta dark mode on Stack Overflow is enabled, the colors have poor contrast. Of course they are still fine in the usual light mode.

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