You have two options: 1. Tampermonkey Install Tampermonkey for Chrome; Click the script to install it. 2. Vanilla Chrome Copy the code and save it to a file called anything.user.js; In Chrome, go to chrome://extensions/ (Tools > More Tools > Extensions); Open the folder you saved the script to and drag it onto the Extensions dialog.


Bug: You didn't escape the title's HTML. I've been using this plugin for a long time, just noticed it today. The title was "How to add general keyword to <select> ..." I think it will break too on other tags. I think you should make a fix. Suggestions: As you can see, I think the <ul> <li> situation in the plugin have too much of a ...


May have missed this in the extension, but it would be great to add the ability to get notifications for new questions in specific tag(s).

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