EDIT: Implemented using Web Sockets (because the caching characteristics of the API does not allow real-time notifications). I created a Chrome extension and Firefox add-on, and created a Stack Apps listing at Real-time desktop notifications for Stack Exchange inbox. In Google Chrome, the popup is closed when performing an action outside it (clicking, ...


Unfortunately the news is bad all around. Sathya has updated the tag wiki for script to include the following paragraph: As of May/June 2012, Chrome no longer allows for direct installations of off-store extensions. To install them, you'll have to download/save the .user.js file, open chrome://chrome/extensions/ (or Click on Wrench -> Tools -> Extensions ...


Bug: When the error popup is displayed, no error is displayed (only a .), and clicking the Ok button does not dismiss the popup box.


You have two options: 1. Tampermonkey Install Tampermonkey for Chrome; Click the script to install it. 2. Vanilla Chrome Copy the code and save it to a file called anything.user.js; In Chrome, go to chrome://extensions/ (Tools > More Tools > Extensions); Open the folder you saved the script to and drag it onto the Extensions dialog.


Now doesn't work. Apparently jsFiddle have changed their API.


Bug: You didn't escape the title's HTML. I've been using this plugin for a long time, just noticed it today. The title was "How to add general keyword to <select> ..." I think it will break too on other tags. I think you should make a fix. Suggestions: As you can see, I think the <ul> <li> situation in the plugin have too much of a ...


May have missed this in the extension, but it would be great to add the ability to get notifications for new questions in specific tag(s).

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