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For questions that use the Chrome as the execution environment for an app, script or library. Or for bugs in the Stack Apps site that are reproduceable in this browser

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Stackuserflow - userscript collection

Script series to modify the functionality of the network sites. Before using them you should have: In Google Chrome install Tampermonkey In Firefox install GreaseMonkey In Opera install Tampermonkey ...
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Clipboardy chrome extension to copy posted source to clipboard

Screenshot / Code Snippet About Clipboardy is a Chrome extension for copying posted code to clipboard from, & It can: Copy the source code to clipboard ...
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Skeet-Lighter - Highlight all Questions/Comments/Answers by Jon Skeet

About This extension will highlight all Questions/Posts/Comments made by Jon Skeet on the StackExchange websites. For those who wish to be notified when Jon has weighed in on a question, Skeet-...
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Unable to install script on Chrome

I posted a question on Meta Stack Overflow, and from there I was directed to install this script. When trying to install the script in Chrome, I get the following error: Apps, extensions and user ...
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Chrome may not allow one-click userscript install now

Issue 128748: [Regression] Unable to install extensions by running .crx file downloaded in Chrome Chrome can't (directly) install userscripts anymore Chrome Fix: Extensions, apps, and user scripts ...
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OBSOLETE - StackOverflow Updater.. Update Questions without the refresh

Obsolete: App is long gone from the Chrome store. No source-code available. It was coded for a decommissioned version of the API anyway. SOUpdater - UnRefresh! (1.2) App (Chrome-Extension) ...
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stacknotify google chrome extension

About Your Stack Overflow notification inbox, right into your browser's toolbar. it checks for new notifications every minute shows a notification badge for new items supports all Stack Exchange ...
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Stack Fiddle - Easily create a jsFiddle from Stack Overflow

Screenshot About Stack Fiddle is a Google Chrome extension that updates the code blocks on Stack Exchange sites. Each code block gets ...
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StackOverflow start page for Google Chrome

About Basically, what it does is it aggregates questions from StackExchange sites, and shows them on your New Tab window. You can select what sites you want to display, filter questions by tags, ...
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Follow your friends on StackOverflow with FriendOverflow

Screenshot Video of app in action About I created this app because I wanted to see what my friends and co-workers were doing on StackOverflow. I ...
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AskUbuntu Add-on for Firefox, Opera and Chrome

Screenshots Firefox Opera Chrome About The extension, called AskUbuntu Add-on, allows to easily track user info and questions from This extension displays user reputation and badges ...