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This is great. Love it. Thanks man! Suggestions for additional taglines: I'm so glad you asked me that, but I have no clue how to solve it. Have a Calvin & Hobbes strip instead! I have no idea. However, legend has it that reading Calvin & Hobbes strips will increase your problem solving ability so maybe that can help you. I have no idea. But here'...


Feature request: for us poor sods < 3k rep on meta, could you also show the Transmogrification option next to the flag link instead, together with an auto-flagging-as-off-topic action?


feature-request Can you add a green to the votes to random questions on the whole questions list which are accepted by owner and add a checkmark on the accepted answer of question? On the questions page: On 2nd accepted question from questions page: The accepted answer bumps to the top of the answers list unless it is the question asker's own answer, by ...


feature-request status-completed Can you please change the "NEXT" button color. Currently it looks like the button is disabled, can you change the color to green or better one..


You can do this as a userscript: // ==UserScript== // @name Faces // @version 1.0 // @description // @author Normal Human // @match *://** // @match *://** // @match *://** // @match ...

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