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StackOv, an open-source SwiftUI Stack Overflow client

About: I'd made this app on my personal hackathon 😁 - about 10 days. I hope you'll like it. Screenshot / Code Snippet: Download / Install: 🧑🏽‍💻 App Store 👻 GitHub Platform: Available for iOS, ...
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Stack Menu – Access Stack Overflow from the Menu Bar

Screenshot / Code Snippet About Stack Menu stays in the macOS menu bar to provide quick access to Stack Overflow. Search for programming problems and share answers without moving out from your ...
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Stackpop — Stack Exchange meets OS X Notification Center

Stack Exchange meets OS X Notification Center. Keep up to date with all the most recent activity regarding your questions, answers, and more with Stackpop, an OS X application that lives in the menu ...
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OBSOLETE - ProStack Lite - Stack Overflow inbox notifier and quick accessor for OS X (in Mac App Store)

This product is discontinued. The post about it is retained below for posterity. About Tired of manually checking for new answers and comments? Ever wished to access the ...
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Is there an equivalent to SOStatus app for any Stack Exchange site?

Before I reinvent a wheel, is there an equivalent to the SOStatus app that can show reputation on any Stack Exchange site? SOStatus gives the status of a user on Stack Overflow. It would also be ...
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Bartlett—new questions, inbox items, and reputation in OS X

Bartlett is a Mac application that lets you keep track of the most recent questions, inbox items, and reputation items on your favorite Stack Exchange sites. You can be notified of new items by Growl ...
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SENotifier, a Stack Exchange inbox notifier for Mac OS X

Screenshot Updates Version 1.1 Added support for Notification Center (10.8 and later) Adjusted menu icon to align better with existing menu items Auto-update is now supported via Sparkle Version 1....
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clik - Notification Synchronization

Screenshot / Code Snippet About Your notifications are split between screens, apps, and sites. Put them all in one place, only a clik away! clik removes the hassle of keeping track of your Facebook,...
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StackFlairWidget - OS X Dashboard widget for displaying flair(tm)

Important: BETA introductory version, lots more to come Warning: Beta version does not check empty responses, this version may not work for users without Area 51 accounts Screenshot / Code Snippet ...
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Newt - question, answer and comment and rep change notifications for Mac OS X

Newt is a simple Mac OS X utility that notifies you about new questions, answers, comments and reputation changes. Now, everyone can become a Jon Skeet! [DEPRECATED] I enjoyed making this ...
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Stack Dash Application

Screenshot / Code Snippet About Stack Dash is a Mac OSX dashboard widget for Stack Exchange for displaying reputation, questions, answers and badges for a specified user and site. This widget was ...
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StackKit: an API framework for Cocoa

About StackKit is a library for accessing the Stack Exchange API from within Cocoa/Cocoa Touch applications. It is under active development, but the major core functionality is present. Code ...
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MSOEngine Objective-C library

MSOEngine Basically MSOEngine (Matt's Stack Overflow Engine) is an Objective-C library that communicates with Stack Overflow. It uses the MIT License. You can find (the new and improved ...
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StackTop-Mac app---Now out of beta!

StackTop Stacktop is my Mac client for accessing most of the Stack Exchange sites. Here are some screenshots of 3.0. Note the colors in the first screenshot change depending on which site you are "...
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