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Questions tagged [missing-data]

For BUG REPORTS, not feature-requests. Use this when the API doesn't return data when the docs (or similar calls) say it should. This tag may be eliminated in the future.

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1 vote
1 answer

StackExchange API's request data is blank in Drupal 7

I'm trying to implement this simple request in Drupal 7 on my local machine: $request = drupal_http_request('
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An associated query is returning a partial record for Area 51

This issue has recurred (and is ongoing) as of a couple of weeks ago. Most notably, as before, the on_site attribute is missing from Area 51. This is API 1.0, by the way.
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2 votes
1 answer

An associated query is returning a partial record for a particular user

This query returns (in addition to several complete records) this incomplete one: { "user_id": 2196, "user_type": "registered", "display_name": "Wil", "reputation": 151, "email_hash": "...
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Bug - Getting partial results for questions

When processing I only get partial results. Many of the missing fields are mandatory fields, including the owner of the question.
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4 votes
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Can we have an Owner Name value in Question, Answer, and Comment?

If a post has no owner for whatever reason, we don't get the owner object in the response. Thus, it is impossible to display the username of the missing owner. The site is able to do this, so we ...
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