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Here's a small and simpler updated fork. It adds only the timeline link: // ==UserScript== // @name Stack Exchange Timeline Link // @namespace stackoverflow // @description Add a 'timeline' link to Stack Exchange / Stack Overflow posts - based on http://stackapps.com/questions/2047/add-timeline-and-revisions-links/4238#4238 // @include ...


Found it, fix has been deployed. There was a bit of confusion around loading tag data*, basically trying to get the "required", "mod only", and "sponsored" tags for api.stackexchange.com... which doesn't end well. *Data necessary for rendering revisions that have the [tag:name] markdown extensions.


I think creation_date is a default/universal sorting, unless activity_date is available. (But you know what they say happens when you "ASSUME".)‡ Evidence for: Seems like it would be required if paging is going to work well. This post has 753 edits (759 revision entries) and the creation dates are all in descending order. This post has 429 edits (...


Alas, no. The API currently does not have any easy way to track a user's edits. You can see what returns edit information by scrolling to the bottom of the revision object, documentation page. Currently, it says: Methods That Return This Type     posts/{ids}/revisions     revisions/{ids} Such cross-references are on every ...


Nope, this was a serialization bug. A fix has been deployed.

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