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Duplicate list edit diffs in post timeline

bug status-completed Small issue when exclusively reordering duplicates. Occasionally, it is necessary to change the order of duplicates to put more relevant ones first, but not to add or remove from ...
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Wrong results for fetch timeline from offset

It looks like a bug in the API. It looks like it filters on the creation date of the question, not the timeline events themselves. The question has a timestamp of 1596793060, and using a fromdate of ...
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Timeline activities appear to be missing (because creation_date has wrong and useless values)

This is probably a variation of this bug and a variation or repeat of this bug that was partially fixed (once upon a time). Anyway, the timeline does show all your events as can be seen with this ...
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View Post Timeline

I noticed recently that this stopped working and the CSS class short-link needed changing to js-share-link, here's an update: // ==UserScript== // @name Stack Exchange: Add Timeline and ...
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