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Optionally Anonymised Short Links

feature-request status-completed Add a button to copy the anonymized link regardless of the persistent preference. It is very plausible that the user would like to make a one-time copy of an ...
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Stack Exchange Archivist

I've got a couple suggestions for improvements, based on my use of the script. First, deal with duplicate links. If I've linked to the same source twelve times, there's no need to archive that link ...
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ChatOvercharged - making inserting markdown links in chat convenient

bug status-completed It seems to block dragging links into the text-area: When I turn the script off, dragging and dropping works fine:
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ChatOvercharged - making inserting markdown links in chat convenient

feature-request status-completed When I press Ctrl + L, it opens the modal, but when I repress Ctrl + L, it doesn't close it. Simply, what I mean is that it could be toggled by clicking Ctrl + L. I am ...
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How can I get user links in the API call like Twitter, GitHub and so on?

The API only returns the website link (, not the Twitter and GitHub usernames. You can check the results here. The same holds for the Users table in SEDE, so that's not an option ...
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