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Documentation or API method for `option_id` information, for the `/flags/options` API calls?

The original intent of these options is clearly not to enable automated flagging, but rather to allow an application to generate a UI that presents the applicable options to a user who would be ...
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Flagging Assistant - tweaks for frequent flaggers

bug : status-completed The feature #4 is broken for moderators Tracks changes, to flag counts, between visits to the flag-summary page. Moderators can see the flag summaries of all the users, ...
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What are the top level question & answer localized flag_option titles?

The values for the question and answer flag_option title properties, which I've determined experimentally, are: const flagTypes = { /* Localizations: * English (not localized) * ...
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Is there a way to fetch my flag quota?

It's hard to prove a negative, but there's no way to get the number of flags remaining for your account via the API. The API will simply not allow you to flag anything if you're out of flags (or flag-...
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Bulk flag comments

This post will help you get an access token Please first install the userscript via this link. (this post will dynamically change based on your current state)
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Flagging Assistant - tweaks for frequent flaggers

bug The stats and the colored table has odd contrast in dark mode: And the colored table: It makes some text hard to read.
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