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Badges are awarded to encourage and reward positive community actions within the site.

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'Informed' badge doesn't exist on site, but is still being promoted

The issue of a non-existent badge being promoted has been brought up before, but the following still happens: This will likely disappear once I get another badge (soon after posting this question :), ...
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StinkingBadges - Track your progress towards long-term badges

Introduction I was curious how far away I was from Generalist, and there are some data explorer queries that can show you your progress, but I thought it should be possible to make this work with the ...
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StackTray: The Stack Overflow tray application

Screenshot Icon on left Hover over icon Context menu Reputation Alerts About This application sits in your system tray and periodically checks Stack Overflow for any new badges or ...
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"Informed" badge shown as Next badge, but doesn't exist on this site

On my profile page, the Informed badge is shown as the next badge to obtain: Clicking it even shows a popup with a link to the Tour page, but it looks quite different from other SE sites. Looking at ...
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OBSOLETE -, track all your statistics, reputation and badges in one place (now also supports coderwall)

About Time to collect your achivies Achivy adds some fun to your life. It supports Stack Overflow and all Stack Exchange applications, GitHub,Coderwall Ohloh as well as many other applications to your ...
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Badge numbers are wildly erroneous for meta accounts returned by the /associated query

There is a serious problem with badge counts on meta sites as returned by the /users/{ids}/associated route. Consider this user (chosen for high volume of meta activity). On Meta Stack Overflow, ...
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How can I retrieve the reputation I (or another user, fwiw) earned for a given tag from questions and answers?

(I've included the api-v2.3 because starts with Stack Exchange API v2.3.) From this answer I see there's no way to get all questions with a specific tag. However, ...
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TrueBadges, a combination of StackExchange badges and TrueAchievements

Screenshot TrueBadges I've worked on this website since beginning of 2014 in my spare time. The initial goal was to have fun with lot of data. The idea is to count StackExchange badges of an user ...
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What are the mechanics of private API beta badge/reputation rewards?

Update: George Edisons comments appear to explain most issues raised here (if not all), so I reformulated the question to reduce the noise and allow for an answer accordingly. I have considered to ...
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Add information to badges/{id} method.

Currently, there is no practical way to retrieve badge information given its ID. I would like to see title and description added at the very least. Current method for retrieving the data: call the /...
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How to get (unread) achievements?

Is there an API call where you can get all achievements and all unread achievements? Like this: Update Thanks to the answer of Glorfindel, I use the following methods to calculate the unread ...
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1 answer

What constitutes 'active participation' in the private API beta?

In trying to understand some continued weirdness regarding badge/reputation rewarding in the context of private API participation I failed to find the explanation what exactly constitutes 'active ...
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