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Badges are awarded to encourage and reward positive community actions within the site.

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Close hammer warning

Power users may have experienced this situation before: They see a question that’s clearly a duplicate, so they hunt down the duplicate target and close the question. It’s only then that they realize ...
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Badge oneboxer for chat

This script makes it possible for badges to onebox in Chat. Example format: that's a [badge:nice-answer] on a powershell bountied question The only somewhat custom one you can use is Strunk & ...
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Hide badges I've already attained

Update - read me: This script is no longer required, thanks to the new Badges page. You can now view your earned and unearned badges by clicking the appropriate tab; without the need for an ...
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Badge numbers are wildly erroneous for meta accounts returned by the /associated query

There is a serious problem with badge counts on meta sites as returned by the /users/{ids}/associated route. Consider this user (chosen for high volume of meta activity). On Meta Stack Overflow, ...
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StackTrace – Track your reputation and badges

Screenshot / Code Snippet About This is a basic app that shows your reputation change. Download Download the extension Platform This works on Safari 5.1 or later. Contact Created by Jed Fox (...
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IHaveBadges - A script to link your badges in the toolbar to your list of badges in your profile

This is a very simple script that, in response to this Meta Stack Overflow feature request, transforms the list of badges in the toolbar to a link to the user's badges in his or her profile. ...
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OBSOLETE -, track all your statistics, reputation and badges in one place (now also supports coderwall)

About Time to collect your achivies Achivy adds some fun to your life. It supports Stack Overflow and all Stack Exchange applications, GitHub,Coderwall Ohloh as well as many other applications to your ...
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All Badge IDs on every network

Screenshot / Code Snippet About This script gets all the Badge IDs of every network. For more information go to this wiki post. License This script is under the MIT License on Github and is ...
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You've Earned This Badge, but when and where?

You've Earned This Badge, but when and where? This userscript turns the checkmarks in the badge list (which indicate you've earned a specific badge) to links to your personal badge page, where you ...
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Remove meta badges

Currently, we have the Quorum and Convention badges even though Stack apps is its own meta so they are unobtainable. I think they should be removed to make it so only obtainable badges are on the ...
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TrueBadges, a combination of StackExchange badges and TrueAchievements

Screenshot TrueBadges I've worked on this website since beginning of 2014 in my spare time. The initial goal was to have fun with lot of data. The idea is to count StackExchange badges of an user ...
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Why have routes /badges/name and /badges/tags been favored over respective query parameters for /badges?

I realize that the API is frozen, hence tagging this as support rather than feature-request or bug - I'm irritated about the two routes /badges/name and /badges/tags: They seem to simply filter down ...
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