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bug status-completed It seems to block dragging links into the text-area: When I turn the script off, dragging and dropping works fine:


feature-request status-completed When I press Ctrl + L, it opens the modal, but when I repress Ctrl + L, it doesn't close it. Simply, what I mean is that it could be toggled by clicking Ctrl + L. I am not sure if this is by design but I think it is a feature request.


feature-request I would like an option to have the generator expand a single match argument to all known Stack Exchange domains. So for example -m "https://*.stackexchange.com/reviews/*" -all results in // @match https://*.askubuntu.com/reviews/* // @match https://*.mathoverflow.net/reviews/* // @match https://*....


feature-request The package.json needs to exist and the required properties need to have a value. While it is documented it is easily overlooked. My use case is slightly different. I wanted to generate headers for userscripts I have written over the years and those don't have a package.json and I wasn't planning on adding one. I prefer the error message is ...


feature-request status-completed Changing the .js prefix to .user.js would allow Greasemonkey to auto-detect that it is a userscript and install it by simply clicking opening the file.


There seems to be a bug with paging. I'm getting this (cropped) when I go to my comments: but I'm getting the exact same comments on the top when pressing the "2" for page 2. Only comments below the retained deleted comments seems to be paging.. sort of: page 1 page 2 page 3

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