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Ultra Dark Theme all the time

Experience Ultra Dark Mode all the time

2019 April Fool's Day Retro Theme

Experience the 90's theme all the time ;P

Stack Sidebar Time

Makes a binary clock based on the Stack Overflow logo appear in the sidebar

StackExchange Simulator

Generating random Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange questions using MarkovChains

Replacing identicons with face-like avatars

This is a tiny script replacing identicons on SE sites with face-like avatars provided by Gravatar. Available as a Chrome extension, and as a source file below. var i, t, images = document.getE…

Transmogrify offtopic MSO posts

Lets one deal with offtopic posts easily, the Calvin&Hobbes way!

Waffle vote counter

It is my firm belief that every +10 vote after reaching the repcap can be redeemed for free waffles{*}. I often hit the cap on MSO, and I like to see how many waffles SE Inc owes me. So I have a b…