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Questions tagged [iphone]

Use the tag for apps, scripts, library or support questions that are used on or relate to the Apple iPhone device in combination with the API or site.

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Is the Stack Overflow App available on iPhone?

There used to be an App of Stack Overflow on iPhone. But I don't find it in the App Store anymore. Is it removed from the App Store?
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StackOv, an open-source SwiftUI Stack Overflow client

About: I'd made this app on my personal hackathon 😁 - about 10 days. I hope you'll like it. Screenshot / Code Snippet: Download / Install: 🧑🏽‍💻 App Store 👻 GitHub Platform: Available for iOS, ...
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StackSurfer iOS App

StackSurfer Screenshots: About “StackSurfer – Search Faster, Work Smarter” StackSurfer provides a smarter way to search for questions and answers in Stack Overflow. You can search for questions ...
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Stex - an iOS application for Stack Exchange

Stex This app is currently still under development, and as a result is not on the app store and doesn't have all features up and running. To test for yourself, or contribute, check out the repository ...
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15 votes
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Stack-Ed, Website and iPhone App

Screenshots About The Stack Exchange platform is changing the way that we learn. Stack-Ed is an educational tool that was built to help people learn from the best of the best within the Stack ...
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StackStash - Stackoverflow offline reader for iOS

iPhone Screenshot iPad Screenshot About StackStash lets you carry all of Stackoverflow data in your pocket. We built this app because we find our productively as programmers plummets when we do ...
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clik - Notification Synchronization

Screenshot / Code Snippet About Your notifications are split between screens, apps, and sites. Put them all in one place, only a clik away! clik removes the hassle of keeping track of your Facebook,...
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2 votes
0 answers

StackMate for iOS

About The finest software programming Q&A website, stack is now available on your iOS device! StackMate is a full-featured Stack Overflow client with a minimalistic design and ...
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6 votes
1 answer

StackAsk - Ask questions from iPhone and iPad - Now free on App Store!

About Now on the App Store, Download for free now! Its main features are: Content editor with formatting buttons Questions are saved, with multiple versions You can enter a question without ...
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OBSOLETE - SOStacked: Stack Exchange iPhone client

OBSOLETE - App is not available anymore and website is down. Screenshots About Awesome feature set. Powerful search, beautiful display Pick your favorite and ignored tags Log into your account, ...
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3 answers

Getting your [app] to show up in the AppStore

We've got a couple of [app]s out there for various iProducts: GeeQe StackUp Six to Eight But searching for "Stack Overflow" or "Stack Exchange" only finds StackUp (of the above) in the AppStore*. ...
10 votes
0 answers

OBSOLETE - Stack Up for iOS (1.0.1)

OBSOLETE - the app is not available anymore in the App Store About Stack Up is now available on the App Store. Stack Up is a Stack Exchange client for iOS (4.0 only at the moment, but I'm working ...
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6 votes
0 answers

OBSOLETE - GeeQe - Native Stack Overflow client

Obsolete - no longer in iTunes store, no source code given, and was coded for a decommissioned version of the API. About The Geek Question Explorer is a Native Stack Overflow iPhone Application. ...
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OData Browser - Browse and query Stack Exchange OData

This app doesn't use the Stack Exchange API; instead it allows you to browse and query data via the Stack Exchange OData. About OData Browser ...
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158 votes
15 answers

OBSOLETE - Six to Eight: An iPhone client

Six to Eight no longer functions, and has been discontinued. This is due to the shutdown of the v1 SE API. Given that SE has now developed their own iOS client, I don't see myself updating Six to ...
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Stack Site Monitor for iPhone/iPad

Screenshot / Code Snippet Main Windows Select Site Detail Stats About From this app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad you can monitor Stack Sites. License I am in the process of putting in the App ...
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1 vote
3 answers

OBSOLETE - iStack (iPhone app for Stackoverflow sites) - suggestions for UI

Well there's a much better and complete iphone app called six to eight by Adam Wright here: Six to Eight: An iPhone client (discontinued) (NB: this post did have an app but well, it was useless)
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10 answers

StackKit: an API framework for Cocoa

About StackKit is a library for accessing the Stack Exchange API from within Cocoa/Cocoa Touch applications. It is under active development, but the major core functionality is present. Code ...
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MSOEngine Objective-C library

MSOEngine Basically MSOEngine (Matt's Stack Overflow Engine) is an Objective-C library that communicates with Stack Overflow. It uses the MIT License. You can find (the new and improved ...
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MyStacks - "Stack Overflow trilogy" iPhone app (free)

v.1.3 of MyStacks, an unofficial iPhone app for browsing questions on the Stack Overflow trilogy sites, is now available in the app store. Current Version Saves articles offline once viewed Choose ...
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