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For applications using the Stack Exchange API, which have been written for the iOS mobile platform.

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OBSOLETE - Official Stack Overflow iOS App

Screenshots About Stack Overflow is the can’t-code-without-it site where professional and enthusiast programmers ask their toughest questions and get answers from their peers. Learn, share and ...
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Crew for Exchange 2.0 (Full iOS native client)

My all-new app Crew 2.0 is NOW AVAILABLE 🥳 Crew 2.0 was rebuilt entirely from the ground up, and today's update is a crazy one. A completely revamped user interface, powerful markdown rendering, new ...
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StackSurfer iOS App

StackSurfer Screenshots: About “StackSurfer – Search Faster, Work Smarter” StackSurfer provides a smarter way to search for questions and answers in Stack Overflow. You can search for questions ...
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What should I put in redirect_uri for implicit OAuth 2.0

From the document I can't figure out what value should I put in redirect_uri if I want to implement iPhone app. I try but it not work and show this error ...
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Stackviewer iOS Application

Stackviewer is a beautiful and easy-to-use custom Stack Overflow client where software developers of any kind can find answers to their everyday challenges. Browse through millions of questions with a ...
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Stex - an iOS application for Stack Exchange

Stex This app is currently still under development, and as a result is not on the app store and doesn't have all features up and running. To test for yourself, or contribute, check out the repository ...
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Can I see my past upvoted questions in handset APP?

It's not hard to dig out questions upvoted by myself through the PC website. But I cannot find any access to them in the ios app. I guess neither does android app. Did I miss something or is it a ...
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How can I use an iOS custom URL scheme as redirect_uri?

I am trying to implement OAuth using iOS URL schemes. For example if I provide myapp:// as redirect_uri the app should launch. However, I cannot add it as OAuth domain in the Stack Apps settings, as ...
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Stack Exchange API for getting list of users from iOS 8

I am trying to call the Stack Exchange API to get a list of users. This is from my iOS app: NSString *str=[NSString stringWithFormat:@"
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