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Questions handling comments using the API. Or, posts of Scripts / Apps / Libraries that facilitate dealing with comments on Stack Exchange sites.

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AutoReviewComments - Pro-forma comments for SE

No more re-typing the same comments over and over! This script adds a little 'auto' link next to all comments boxes. When you click the link, you see a popup with 6 configurable auto-comments (canned ...
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3 answers

SE Modifications -- Username autocomplete in comments, inline revision source, and utility links

Screenshot About This userscript adds four main features: Various utility links on posts and in the top bar Inline viewing of post revision source Markdown on the post history page Links on comment ...
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Disable enter for submitting comments

About This user script disables the default behavior of the enter key submitting a comment. With this script installed, you must explicitly click the Add Comment button to submit your comment. ...
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99 votes
6 answers

"Reply" links on comments

Screenshot About This user script adds a little "reply" link to each comment. Clicking this link will fetch the rest of the comments, if some of them were hidden show the "add comment&...
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SE Comment Link Helper

About This userscript automatically converts raw Stack Exchange question URLs into the form [title](link) before submitting comments by grabbing their titles from the API. This is similar to ...
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The field body_markdown is not returned for comments [duplicate]

Using the method questions-by-ids to get the comments on a particular question, I do not get body_markdown returned despite it being selected in the filter. Here is the test query to reproduce the ...
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Filter doesn't consistently return comment bodies

I've been trying to set up a filter I can use with /questions/{id}/answers/ (using the UI at this link), which returns the following fields: answer: answer_id body_markdown comments ...
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83 votes
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Threaded comments

History June 6, 2012: Fixed an issue that can cause major problems with chat. December 17, 2013: Fix an incompatibility with the Winter Bash code. Screenshot Before: After: About Instead of ...
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Heat Detector - analysing comments to find heat

General Heat detector is a StackApp whose goal is to catch offensive, rude, snarky comments, and comments that leads to abusive content (offensive, spam posts, or previous offensive comments). It is ...
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27 votes
1 answer

Add keyboard shortcuts to comments

Question code is obsolete. But the answer code and the code linked in the comments still work. About This script adds Ctrl+B (bold), Ctrl+I (italic), Ctrl+K (code), and Ctrl+L (link) shortcuts to ...
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Self-destructing comments

I've made a userscript that allows you to self-destruct comments that you've made. You can get it at Github. Get started install Tampermonkey, or Greasemonkey get an access token install the script ...
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Get Comment markdown, copy comment code to clipboard

About: This userscript adds flyover buttons to every comment to fetch that comment's code (markdown). Reference this post, and this post on Meta Stack Overflow. Features: The markdown is paste-...
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Activity Indicator - see if you participated in a Q&A at a glance

About Activity Indicator is a userscript that displays a, well, indicator and some useful stats about your interactions with a given post. Inspired by this feature request, upon opening a post, the ...
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Auto-Add A Comment When Closing

About Automatically adds a comment when closing a question, with the text taken directly from the close reason you chose, so that the OP can see why their question may be being downvoted, and improve ...
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9 votes
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Why is comment_count=1 (incorrectly) when this particular filter is used?

We're seeing that, when a particular filter we've created is used, the API will return "comment_count": 1 for questions with no comments. For a search for questions with no answers, ordered by ...
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QuickComment: comment shortcuts to cut down on tedium

QuickComment quick SE comments for quick SE people Description Tired of typing the same thing over and over again? Now, with QuickComment, you can type ";;linkonly" (for example) and have it expand ...
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QuickComment2: Automatic keyboard-only comment snippets

This is a vastly improved version of QuickComment: comment shortcuts to cut down on tedium. See that post for more information. See the Github repo for instructions on how to install and use ...
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User script to auto flag NLN (no longer needed) comments

Screenshot About The user script uses multiple search keyword combinations via RegEx to catch NLN (no longer needed) comments and send them to the chat room. Currently, the script is running in this ...
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Bulk flag comments

About I often go through my previous questions on SO/SE and find a lot of them have long resolved discussions. Ideally, I should raise a post flag and say "all comments below are obsolete; please ...
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Expand all comments script

The following script for Tampermonkey (multi browser) or Greasemonkey (Firefox) automatically expands all comments which are normally hidden behind the "show ... more comments" link: The code is ...
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Regional 12-hour timestamps

This script is a modification of Kip's "Display absolute timestamps (in local time)"; I have his permission to post this. Most of the credit for the script goes to him. About This script ...
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StackExchange – Expand Hidden Comments

In principle that what Expand all comments script does, but with two major differences: Scrolls the page back to the initial target of the corresponding link you selected (i.e. to question, question ...
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fromdate is ignored for /posts/{id}/comments requests

The api docs:{id}/comments The test request. You can see comment itself here, it's four months old, while cutoff date in request is less than ...
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