Activity Indicator is a userscript that displays a, well, indicator and some useful stats about your interactions with a given post. Inspired by this feature request, upon opening a post, the script adds a "participation" breakdown to where one finds Q&A stats normally:

stats element with the breakdown added

Due to the limited space, the labels are added in an abbreviated form but I hope they are intuitive enough but have full-text hints displayed on hover (since 1.2.0):

Abbreviation Stats
A answered the question
Q asked the question
EA edited* an answer
EQ edited* the question
AC left a comment on one of the answers
QC left a comment on the question

* Currently limited to being the latest editor of a post but I intend to switch that to full post history analysis in the near future.

Here is a live preview of how label hints and jumping to action look like:

hints and jumping to action preview


The script is licensed under the GPL-3.0-or-later license.


Install | Minified

The script doesn't need a userscript manager to work (but includes necessary headers).


Version number means "last tested on":

Chrome Opera Firefox Edge IE
✔ 93.0.4577.63 ✔ 78.0.4093.184 ✔ 92.0 ✔ 93.0.961.38 no

Change log

Version Description
1.2.0 Enhanced stats labels with links to latest relevant post/comment and full-text hints on hover
1.2.1 Added meta sites of the Stack Exchange network to @match headers


Author: Oleg Valter
Organization: UserScripters

Please, submit bug reports on the source repository
Before adding a new one, please check if it hasn't been raised before.

You can also drop by to chat, we are a friendly bunch.


Source code written in TypeScript.

Uses type definitions for Stack Exchange global objects.

Contributions are welcome, you can always submit a PR here.

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    Is there any way to search posts where you have (or haven’t) done one (or more) of these activities? Commented Sep 17, 2021 at 17:56
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    @EkadhSingh-ReinstateMonica sorry, your comment went completely under my radar - not in the current version, but it is certainly possible as the info is already fetched, I can make each label a link that takes you to the respective post or comment :) If you want, you can make it a feature request by adding an answer here so as you are notified about the progress ( and some unicorn points for a cool suggestion too :) ) Commented Sep 19, 2021 at 20:54

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Just a simple recommendation (I do not particularly like the abbreviations):

could there be a table on hover, e.g:

table preview from Roomba Forecaster

* Like the Roomba Forecaster userscript.

The table can contain long details like "Answered the question", "Edited the question", etc.


Please add a way to search through these posts1.

Possible use cases:

  • Checking your recent comments (on either questions or answers) to see whether they are still up to date.
  • Checking whether or not some edits you made a while ago can be improved upon.
  • If you normally comment on (or edit) posts that you've seen, you can use this to see if there are any semi-recent posts that you've missed (only useful on smaller sites)

1: by this I mean both a way to look at all the posts where you have taken a specific action and a way to look at all the posts where you haven't taken that action

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    most likely will not have time to work on userscripts until the election on SO ends (bots require too much attention) - but apart from that, can you elaborate on the "search" functionality a little bit? Currently, the latest version allows one to jump to their respective action by clicking on a label - searching is definitely blocked by adding a full-scale search for when one's action on a post is not the "latest" action, thus it would be nice to know more details about what you have in mind Commented Oct 12, 2021 at 19:43

A couple of minor change requests:

  1. If the indicators include Q and A (i.e., on self-answered questions), it's more intuitive to show Q before A. (perhaps that should also happen with EQ &EA and QC &AC?)

  2. I don't think EQ should show up when I'm the OP. Similarly, there's no need to show EA if I'm the author of that specific answer. Obviously, it should still show up if I have edited another (competing) answer.

To illustrate, on a self-answered question of mine, I currently see this:

Current: A Q EA EQ AC QC

I think it should show this instead:

Desired: Q A QC AC

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