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Questions tagged [apps]

For (meta) questions about apps, in general, that use or augment Stack Exchange. ... Or about the App listing process here on Stack Apps. ... Use in conjunction with one, or more, of the following tags: [discussion], [support], [meta], [placeholder], [scripts], [libraries]. ... Not for listing apps; use the [app] tag for that.

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90 votes
2 answers

How to list your application/library/wrapper/script here

If you've created an application, script, or library for use on the Stack Exchange network, that's fantastic! Now publicize it by creating a question with the correct tag: app
17 votes
0 answers

What is SOAPI and why should I care?

Let me answer the last question first: Why should you care? You shouldn't care unless you are a .NET or JavaScript coder who can leverage robust client access libraries for the Stack Exchange API ...
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7 votes
0 answers

Guidelines on app and library thumbnails

We now have better, user-friendlier display for apps and libraries and scripts: We infer a number of things ...
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15 votes
7 answers

iStack for iPad

iStack iPad currently isn't available on the appstore, it's in development as is getting towards the end of the first version. I'm now starting to look for beta testers, you will need an iPad device,...
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4 votes
1 answer

Drafting users for testing in Alpha/Beta stage?

I finally stopped stagnating long enough to start working on an application for Stack Apps using the API. Development is going well and within the next 6 to 8 weeks there will be enough functionality ...
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