Whether you want to keep track of your statistics or watch for an update on a post you've made, you'll be able to do it all with StackStats.

Currently in development, but would love to hear some ideas about features that could be included. If you submit a feature (by replying to this post) it will be reviewed and if deemed useful by me or the community I will add it to the feature list.

Current & Upcoming Features Include:
  1. CURRENT: Fully modular and customizable feature watch list that updates in real time
  2. CURRENT: (There will be many more options in future) Ability to watch:
    • Unread inbox
    • Unread notifications
    • Reputation
    • Badges
    • Question count
    • Answer count
    • Comment count
    • Up vote count
    • Down vote count
  3. UPCOMING: Filter inbox notifications to posts made in specific tags, with specific URL's and/or specific users
  4. UPCOMING: Watch stats for specific network, or stats for all networks a user has joined
  5. UPCOMING: Add option to send push notifications/extension icon changes when a configured value changes (e.g. post or inbox notification)
  6. UPCOMING: Add user profile picture, rep and badges graphic

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Download / Install:

Since it is currently in development, there is no official download link currently. Once a version of StackStats is deemed ready it will be released onto the Chrome Web Store where users can download it.


This is available for all users of Chrome Extension supporting browsers such as:

  • Google Chrome
  • Brave Browser
  • Chromium (for linux users)
  • Opera GX
  • Microsoft Edge


I am the sole developer at the moment. You can find me here on the network, through my Discord (joE#3011), or through Github. Ideally feature requests/proposals and discussion would go in the comments and answers to this post.


No license as of yet. The extension will be free. Permanently.


I have used TypeScript and React to create this extension, making it both fast and type safe. I have a private Github repository I am using for development that I will make public once I have made more progress.

If you're interested in contributing, don't hesitate to get in contact with me.


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