Markdown is great! But WYSIWYG editors are really useful - no waste of screen space by having the preview underneath what you're typing, no accidents with markdown: You see what you get! So, I made a WYSIWYG editor for Stack Exchange sites.

It uses a HTML to Markdown converter that I made (slightly modified after being reviewed at Code Review; thanks @IsmaelMiguel!) (which uses DOMParser()) and a contenteditable div.

As a result, it will only work on browsers that support the contenteditable attribute, and also DOMParser().

It is in an alpha stage and can break at any time. But... this post was written with the WYSIWYG editor! :). It is packaged as a userscript, but basically works like a Chrome extension (but I ain't paying to publish :P)


  1. Install Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey

  2. Go to the GitHub repo to install or view the source code

  3. Enjoy


alt text


  • Nothing from the standard screens has been removed - you will still see the default textarea (see my answer for why)!
  • Please help by submitting issues and pull requests!
  • It only works for NEW questions and answers and the moment
  • If you're interested, here's a screenshot of this finished post in the editor :)

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Planned Features

Known bugs

  • <code> doesn't work very well

I applaud your initiative in making a custom (and hopefully consensual) solution for WYSIWYG editing of posts.

Personally, I'd have tought that something like XenForo's common forum solution might be a decent basis. Then add on things like MathML, LaTex and so on.

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