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Changes the "style" (look & feel) of a website

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Fix for sticky hover background in duplicates

Description Problem See bug report here: Duplicate modal - row hover state not cleared The background is "sticky" added on hover then removed on a second hover. Fix This userstyle removes ...
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Stack Exchange code block line numbers userscript

Screenshot About I've always wanted to have line numbers prefixed in code blocks on questions / answers. This userscript takes the code-blocks on the page, and inserts line numbers. It will look at ...
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Revert Stack Exchange's new up/down vote buttons

This userscript, written for ViolentMonkey, reverts the question and answer upvotes on all Stack Exchange sites so that they are almost identical to their previous design. New vote buttons (shown for ...
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Stack Exchange Dark Mode

This userscript is part of SOMU (SO-mod-userscripts) Stack Exchange Dark Mode Dark theme for Stack Exchange, chat, and SEDE. Some elements like sidebars and footers have reduced opacity until ...
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Comment Flag Dialog Bugfix

About Fixes issues with Comment Flag dialog appearing in the upper-left corner of the window. Download Download or view the source code Platform Tested on Waterfox 56. Only designed for Firefox-...
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Stack Overflow layout optimized for 800x600 resolution

You got a small monitor? No problem! Install this user style to browse Stack Overflow without having to zoom out.   DOWNLOAD NOW FOR FREE!   (From
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About: This is a Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey script that re-styles an SE site to look like Download / Install: You can install either the site or the chat version on Greasy Fork (...
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Shrink the Stack Exchange Footer

All Stack Exchange sites (except Stack Overflow) have a giant footer: I don't like to have all of that space being taken up on my screen, so I built this user-style: /** * Copyright © 2016 Jed Fox ...
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Blur the topbar’s background

This stylesheet will make the background of the topbar show a blurred version of the contents below it. Note that I was unable to make the search box transparent (the icon was invisible), and I couldn’...
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Hide the Stack Exchange sidebar

I would like to gain some screen estate when viewing Stack Exchange sites. The sidebar seldom shows information I need. I know most help content displayed when composing questions. Most related ...
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I don't want to be a mod

Ever earned the privilege "Access to moderator tools" and not really wanted it? A stylesheet for hiding deleted answers, as well as the review queue. For use with stylish. Customise to include the ...
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Title Case All Question Titles Everywhere!

Because some like it like that: @namespace url(; @-moz-document regexp("*||||||...
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Comment Separator Fix

This fix is now included in the Stack Overflow Unofficial Patch (SOUP) v1.20.0 About We have this nicely formatted toolbar with all of the moderation tools we need below questions: So, why is it ...
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Simplify Community Bulletin widget

This Stylish script: Hides the recently added bold category titles; Removes post vote counts; Reduces space used by widget. @namespace url(; @-moz-document domain("...
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Underlined post links

Code // ==UserScript== // @name Stack Exchange: Underlined post links // @description Underlines all links in questions, answers and comments on all Stack Exchange sites. // @version 1.1 //...
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Vertically Resizable Textareas

Code // ==UserScript== // @name Stack Exchange: Vertically Resizable Textareas // @description Makes Stack Exchange's textareas vertically resizable. // @version 1.2 // @include http://...
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StackExchange Theme Switcher

Inspired by this post. Now you too can enjoy the satisfaction of switching SE's themes at will like the devs do, albeit this affects your browser only: This creates a dropdown at the bottom of the ...
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GM Script: Revert changes to Unanswered Questions Box

If you are like me and think that the new styling for unanswered question drastically hurts the site's usability, rejoice. I've created a Greasemonkey script which will return unanswered questions to ...
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MinimalOverflow - A themescript for Stack Exchange

Screenshot / Code Snippet About MinimalOverflow was written to deal with a request which Jeff Atwood put forward in the MSO Tavern on Friday, February 25, 2011. Someone on Physics.SE asked if it ...
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[Beta] Gaming SE Black Edition

Screenshot About This as simple user script that changes the overall style of Gaming SE sub-site to a darker version. I made it for myself as I used to do with sites that I tend to visit more (Google,...
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tag colors incorrect

the tag color for english site seem incorrect, the dark grey color is the background while the yellow colour is the foreground. This is contradictory to other sites which have the darker colours as ...
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What is the rational behind the chosen /sites styling info?

I was wondering why the chosen styling data is provided though the API. It makes sense to provide it, but I feel like we are only getting part of the information. "styling": { "link_color": { ...
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