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Questions about Stack Exchange notifications and the API routes that provide them. Not about apps that provide notifications - use [notifier] instead.

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Can I get the question id in the inbox route?

My intended behavior of my app is to navigate the user the the question page when an inbox item gets clicked. For example, when the API return a link like this
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Top Bar for Chat Rooms

As of 1.12, thanks entirely to Shog9's efforts, this now works on Firefox as well as Chrome! Description: Provides a fully functional top bar, including realtime notifications, easy chat server ...
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Get our Stack Exchange inbox as native notification on Chrome

About I'm new to the Stack Exchange sites. So I was looking for Chrome Extensions get make my experience better. I searched for a simple and good looking Notification app. I found nothing so I make ...
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link in post_id in /me/notifications/unread is wrong

I have run /me/notifications/unread. The response contains post_id and there is a link to it. This link is wrong. The post is on Stack Apps but the link directs to Stack Overflow: I have ...
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What does `total` in the /notifications route represent?

What does total in /notifications represent? I ran it. The result was items in Common Wrapper Object was array of 24 items where as total was 4.
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Request: Mark inbox items as read, now that API 2.2 is here [duplicate]

Now we have write API, can we get a method for the inbox to mark inbox items as read? Previously I believe the reason for not having this was the risk of apps marking items as read without the user ...
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Trying to get the Total results count crashes the /notifications path

I am trying to use the filter !9ciXfDSYM (same as default but with total) with the /notifications request and the response is: { "error_id": 500, "error_name": "internal_error", "...
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Inbox item not marked as read after viewing [duplicate]

Accessing inbox items using the following url: /me/inbox Unread inbox items remain unread (is_unread = true) even after that specific item has been read using the API (v2.1). The items are marked ...
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Inbox and Notifications aren't being filtered by site

I'm using the API get inbox messages and notifications for various sites on the StackExchange network, but it doesn't seem to matter what site parameter I pass in the query string. I always get my ...
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Retrieve inbox notifications

Hi, Is there a way to retrieve any notification that appears in the inbox of stackexchange? Or is there another technique to retrieve notifications on updates?
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Can we have some sort of notification system?

It seems like the only way to get notified of certain events is to poll the site continuously. And as per the current policy, it seems like there should be at least a 2 minute delay between requests. ...
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OBSOLETE - Swatch: A Firefox plugin for monitoring Stack Exchange sites for interesting changes

Screenshots About A Firefox extension that lets you monitor your account activity on any Stack Exchange site that support the Stack Apps API. Automatically refreshes on a set interval to display ...
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