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Tools (scripts/apps/libraries) that help with answers, or issues with the API handling of answers

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Natty - Bringing 10k moderation to All

Background and History The New Answers to Old Questions tool helps us to find all the answers added to questions which are more than 30 days old. However the issue with the tool is that it is not ...
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Guttenberg - A bot searching for plagiarism on Stack Overflow

What is Guttenberg? Guttenberg is a bot that searches for plagiarism or duplicated answers on Stack Overflow. It's currently running in SOBotics under the user Guttenberg. Implementation Every 60 ...
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Belisarius - Detecting vandalism on Stack Overflow

Background: This bot has been developed in an attempt to help capture possible vandalism. This includes: Removing all code Replacing all content with nonsense/repeated words Adding solutions to ...
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CopyPastor - Monitoring plagiarized posts on Stack Overflow

Background Guttenberg is a chatbot which reports plagiarized posts on Stack Overflow. CopyPastor is a web dashboard for Guttenberg. Guttenberg sends all the data upon detection of a plagiarized post ...
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Sentinel - monitoring new answers to old questions

First there was Natty - looking for new answers to old questions that aren't actually answers, and posting them in a chatroom. Then there was Sentinel. Sentinel is the web dashboard for Natty. The ...
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No Answering: prevent answering questions

Do you answer too many questions on stack sites? Does answering questions put you into a cycle of debating with people you'd rather not be spending time on? Then this app is for you. It does one ...
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Accepted Answer Pinner

About As of September 8th, 2021, accepted answers are no longer pinned on Stack Overflow and probably soon on other sites in the network as well. For some users, this is the realization of a long-...
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Upvote First for StackOverflow - Chrome extension that sorts answers by your votes

Upvote First for Stack Overflow Chrome extension that sorts Stack Overflow answers by your upvotes. Available on Chrome Extension store 100% free and open source works on all Stack Exchange sites ...
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SkeetNotifier: A Tray Notifier Application for Jon Skeet's answers

About A tray application for Windows that notifies you about the newest answers from Jon Skeet. Icon approved by Jon Skeet! Screenshot License Source
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stackanswers.vim - View answers from Stack Overflow within Vim

Introduction stackanswers.vim is a Vim plugin that allows a user to ask a question, and receive answers from Stack Overflow right into Vim. Usage You can ask the question by running :StackAnswers <...
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QuestionPacker - Packs Question in a Webpage

Screenshot About It is my version of StackTack, which seems to be discontinued. License Inbox Reader is released under the Apache License 2.0. Download You can get QuestionPacker here: http://...
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Copy Code Exchange - copy code to clipboard from Stack Exchange sites!

Screenshot Dark Mode Light Mode About This is a userscript to copy code (from any <pre> element) to the clipboard from all Stack Exchange sites. It's pretty nice and cool to be able to copy ...
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Answer accept indicator

About With Outdated Answers: accepted answer is now unpinned on Stack Overflow, I find that it would be nice to have an indicator. Some posts have multiple pages, and searching for the one post among ...
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Sidebar Answer Status

Description: As of 1.10 this now also works in Firefox / Greasemonkey. This is a userscript that modifies the Linked and Related sidebar lists to show answered status and other info: Download: ...
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API returns delete vote count for questions, but not for answers

The questions method of the API returns the number of delete votes among other kinds of votes: sample query. But the answers method does not have a delete_vote_count field available in the filter: ...
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Please add a "self answer" flag to the answer results/object

Is there an easy way to tell if an answer is from the question poster? I'm working on Blaze, and I'm grabbing answers from the /answers method. I'd like to indicate if the answer is from the question ...
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SO Link-only Parser: Parse Stack Overflow for potentially link-only answers

The provided Python script is designed to identify potentially "link-only" answers on Stack Overflow for a specified time period and set of tags. It does this by leveraging the Stack ...
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Hide answer sorting for a single answer

StackExchange hide sorting for a single answer A userscript that removes the sorting combobox in questions when there is only one answer available. Before: After: For users who prefer a cleaner UI ...
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Tags are not returned when querying /users/{ids}/answers

I'm querying the API for answers-by-user, and I want the tags belonging to the parent questions. I seem to be seeing intermittent results: sometimes the tags attribute of the response includes the ...
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The tags array is missing from answer results

I'm probably missing something very obvious but it seems like /users/{ids}/answers forgets to include the tags badge in the resulting answer object: tags (2.1) an array of strings Nowhere does ...
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Devlookup : A Search tool designed for developers

About Devlookup is a search tool designed for developers. It aggregates results from the most important development websites, using Bing as the backend engine. The main goal is to improve resource ...
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StackExchange – Expand Hidden Comments

In principle that what Expand all comments script does, but with two major differences: Scrolls the page back to the initial target of the corresponding link you selected (i.e. to question, question ...
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How can I show recently answered questions and answers in my blog site?

I would like to showcase some of my Stack Exchange answers in my blog site. I couldn't find a relevant post on how to implement this. Also, from what I can see, in order to use the API a user needs ...
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Unhide Downvoted Answers

About This simple userscript allows you to hover over an answer that has been greyed-out because of its low score to remove the styling. After you move away from the post, it will return to its ...
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A step by step approach for posting questions and answers?

I am trying to learn a step by step approach for posting questions and answers on using the Stack Exchange API. Could someone help me with this?
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