When you visit SEDE, this userscript:

  1. Automatically logs in you in if needed. (You must have a valid SEDE login).
  2. Redirects back to the original desired page like a good login system should.


  • Stores the login credentials in the browser, encrypted.
  • When you first run the script, it will ask for (A) a random seed, and (B) your username and password.
  • Open-source and on GitHub.


        (Click for larger image.)
        Auto Login sequenceAuto login logo



This is a userscript that runs in your browser. It requires a userscript extension like Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey.

Install button: Install from GitHub


The code is on GitHub, in the BrockA/SE-misc repository.

Post bug reports and pull requests there. (Or below if you don't do GitHub.)

Known issues:

  1. Only set up for Stack Exchange Authentication. If you use Google or something else, the script will probably have to be modified (Which I can do for a sufficient fee (or pull request)).
  2. Will not support Greasemonkey 4+. Use Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey, or equivalent.


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