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Questions tagged [data-explorer]

For scripts and applications that interact with the Stack Exchange Data Explorer (SEDE). Support questions for SEDE are better asked on Meta Stack Exchange.

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Convert your Stack Exchange Posts to your own Website

Using the tools in this website you can take all your Stack Exchange Posts in SE Markdown Format and convert them to GitHub Pages Jekyll Kramdown format. The website is targeted to high-rep Stack ...
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Stack Exchange Data Explorer

About Stack Exchange Data Explorer (SEDE) is an open source tool for running arbitrary queries against public data from the Stack Exchange network. Features include collaborative query editing for all ...
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Data Explorer (SEDE) Auto-Login that redirects back to original target page

About: When you visit SEDE, this userscript: Automatically logs in you in if needed. (You must have a valid SEDE login). Redirects back to the original desired page like a good login system should. ...
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SEDE Parameter Autofiller

Screenshot / Code Snippet About When using the Stack Exchange Data Explorer, one often needs to provide their own user ID as input parameter for the query. Formerly, this would be filled in ...
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How do I grab the CSV from a Data Explorer URL?

I'm building an app that works by users punching in big lists of questions. And I want them to be able to use the Data Explorer to create these lists. My preferred way of getting the data would be a ...
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Total number of superuser users...

Hi all, I am probably doing something wrong but there seems to be a discrepancy between the data-explorer and the API. For instance, This query has a total of 48048.
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Getting started: What kind of thing can we do with the SE-API that we can't do with the SE Data Explorer?

I want to know if my slender grasp of the latter will help me learn about the former.
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