I made a very simple node app to give me chrome push notifications when new questions are posted in tags I am interested in:

notification banner

I have tested it working in Chrome and Firefox.

Demo Site

This is a version that is subscribed to a lot of the most frequent tags. You can hit "Subscribe" there to see what notifications look like.

Since it is hosted on glitch, it is trivial to "remix the site" to host your own instance that you can customize to whatever tags you want. All you need to do is edit the .env file in your "remixed" version:


Your instance will listen to websockets for new questions on those tags, and will push notifications to anyone subscribed.


  • Simple push notifications you can click to take you to the question.
  • Doesn't require page to stay open, just browser process.
  • Site generates direct link to filtered search so you can get there easily. (Similar to custom tabs on SE sites, but a little easier for me to find)
  • Free hosting on glitch. Trivial to remix and customize
  • Prometheus metrics at /metrics if you are interested in stats or monitoring
  • Open Source
  • The first two links seem to be dead.
    – Joachim
    Nov 15, 2021 at 16:16


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