Is there a API End Point that will emulate Test Notifications? When I say Notifications, I Mean both Inbox and Achievements.

Right now i am using below for the data

Unread Notification : https://api.stackexchange.com/docs/unread-notifications#filter=default&run=true

Unread Inbox: https://api.stackexchange.com/docs/inbox-unread#filter=default&run=true

but when there are no notifications to check, it is becoming difficult to assess different conditions

The way that i am doing it in my app right now to test is Call these end points without unread see if they are items with is_unread is true and count all those which are unread and then show it as unread. But when there are no unread messages, only way i could think of is after receiving JSON, modify top 3 items is_unread to true in code behind.

I Understand if there is no way this can be implemented but i would like to see if this can be achieved from API itself so that we can check multiple possibilities.



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